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Reducing Environmental Impacts

reducing environmental impacts

Bringing you greener, leaner products is an increasingly important priority. Careful attention is paid to the design, manufacture and usage of equipment that we market to help eliminate negative environmental impacts. We adhere to recognised environmental standards including ISO14001 which underlines our commitment to care for earth’s resources.


Innovative Technology
Our integrated approach to safeguarding the environment includes the supply of cleaning products requiring less energy, concentrated detergents and water consumption to provide a real contribution to an eco-sustainable world.


  • EcoFlex gives operators flexibility to clean with just water or select minimal detergents for heavily soiled areas.
  • EcoFlex can make permanent detergent savings for reduced run costs and lower environmental impact.
  • EcoFlex can boost brush pressure, water flow and detergents for 1 minute to remove spots of ingrained dirt before returning to eco-mode at the touch of a button.

To find out more about EcoFlex and how it can benefit you, contact us.

From green to deep cleaning and back in a single pass


ECA 25% Government Cashback Offer

The ECA (Enhanced Capital Allowance) scheme is a government initiative which brings financial benefits and water saving technologies together. On ECA qualified machines you can:

Leaf & Earth


  • Reduce investment costs and environmental impacts simultaneously.
  • Reduce the payback time for your investment.
  • Reduce water bills long term by using it more efficiently.

To find out more about ECA and how it can benefit you, contact us.

TRS TechnologyTwin Roller Sweep (TRS) System

TRS System is a simple innovation that makes a big difference to operator productivity and the end cleaning result. TRS sweepers have two sweep brooms spanning the width of the machine which contra-rotate to create a far more powerful action grabbing both fine dust and bulky, heavy debris faster and more effectively. Each broom has a double row of bristles shaped in a V pattern to throw debris into the centre of the hopper for optimum use of capacity. The first row of bristles ensures bulkier debris is collected whilst dust is trapped with the second row to deliver a clean sweep each and every time.


TRS is proven to deliver higher dust control, increased productivity and cleaner sweeping results than singlebroom sweepers.


Equipment Composition

By utilising eco-compatible materials and selecting suppliers whose attention to environmental protection is in line with our standards, our products feature an increasing proportion of recyclable material.

Product Packaging

Our commitment to recycle and recover material is through reduction of general waste and usage of up to 75% recycled material to pack your products lowering demand on virgin material.