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CR700 Cylindrical Robotic Scrubber Dryer

Bringing wet sweep capability to the already proven CR700 scrubber-dryer robot, the cylindrical version provides a fully automated cleaning solution to large industrial applications like warehouses, logistic depots and production facilities.  The integrated docking station means the CR700C automatically fills up the clean water tank and chemicals, empties the dirty water tank and self-charges the batteries.


Robot Scrubber Dryer – Adlatus CR700C

Designed and manufactured in Germany by Adlatus Robotics Gmbh, the rugged CR700 Cylindrical is specifically designed for frequent scrubbing and drying of large floor areas and comes complete with a wet sweep system that allows for smooth collection of dust and debris. It is the only commercial scrubber-dryer robot on the market offering users a fully autonomous system and subsequent saving of labour costs and better use of staff resources.

Contact us today to discuss this remarkable machine and its potential to solve your cleaning challenges – we offer the CR700C on contract hire terms or to purchase along with professional chemicals and UK-wide service support and delivery.


Power Supply
Theoretical Productivity (㎡/hr) 2,750
Scrubbing Width (mm) 750
Brush Speed (rpm) 500
Clean/Dirty Water Tank Capacity (ltr) 60/55
Chemical Dosing Capacity (ltr) 2
Max Speed (km/h) 4
Dimensions – L x W x H (mm) 1267x827x1067
Weight – incl Battery (kg) 260



The CR700C is simply the only robotic scrubber-dryer in the world to offer:

Completely self-sufficient network connection – There’s no need to connect the CR700C to WiFi because it runs off its own network, mitigating potential network security risks and poor connection issues.

Service station for fully autonomous cleaning – Using its service station the robot automatically loads the clean water tank, automatically empties the dirty water tank and self-charges the battery pack. Zero operator intervention required!
Superior battery performance – Lithium batteries allow the CR700C to run for up to 6 hours and charge in as little as 90 minutes for maximum working time.
Powerful mapping and navigation – The CR700C uses 3D laser scanners or landmarks to confidently clean complex and changing environments.
German design and manufacture of both software and hardware – The CR700C is built as a robot from the ground up, meaning world class navigation and tough industrial build including maintenance free brushless motors and stainless-steel build.
• Fully transparent reporting – Demonstrate that cleaning has been completed according to the agreed schedule with email reports on completion of cleaning tasks.
Free software upgrades – As technology evolves so does your robot!
Manual or automatic cleaning modes – The CR700C can also be controlled with a remote for spot cleaning of once off requirements.



Contract Cleaning
Food and Beverage
Heavy Industry



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