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Choosing The Right Pad For Your Floor Buffing Machine

Choosing the right brushes or floor pads for your floor buffing machine is a very important choice when it comes to getting optimum cleaning and floor polisher results and value for money from your cleaning equipment. Floor polisher pads are available in a range of colours, each representing a different grade to make selection easier and the grade you use is important to ensure an effective clean, without damaging the finish on your floor.

Black Floor Polisher Pad

Black Floor Polishing Pad

  • Designed for floor stripping or deep, intense scrubbing on heavily soiled floors.
  • Use with water-based floor stripping solution to remove worn and soiled floor finishes or sealers.
  • Suitable for scrubber dryers or rotary floor polisher machines. Ideal for use on machines speeds up to 350 RPM.

Green Floor Polisher Pad

Green Floor Polisher Pad

Red Floor Buffing Pad

Red Floor Buffing Pad

  • Designed for light cleaning and buffing – will remove light scuff marks and dirt while producing a high gloss shine.
  • Use with a cleaning or polishing solution to scrub or polish hard floor surfaces.
  • Suitable for scrubber dryers and floor polishers. Ideal for use on machines speeds up to 800 RPM

White Super Floor Polisher Machine Pad

White Floor Polisher Pad

  • Extra fine floor polisher pad designed for polishing clean, dry floors.
  • Use dry or with a fine water mist to produce a high gloss wet look to newly finished floors.
  • Suitable for scrubber dryers or rotary floor machines. Ideal for use on machines speeds up to 1000 RPM.

If you’d like support in identifying the correct pad system for your cleaning machine contact our office on 0845 33 77 695 for expert advice and support.