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Solution for Hazardous Dust: Industrial Vacuums

Solution for Hazardous Dust: Industrial Vacuums

Dust particles can become airborne at the time of several extraction and processing activities associated with producing and processing rock and mineral products. Some of these activities include:

  • Excavating
  • Drilling
  • Blasting
  • Loading and tipping
  • Crushing, conveying and screening
  • Sawing
  • Stockpiling

Workers can be exposed to dust particles such as:

  • Coal and cement dust
  • Dust containing crystalline silica
  • Asbestos
  • Dust containing metals like lead, nickel, arsenic and cadmium
  • Chemical dusts such as bulk chemicals and pesticides
  • Organic and vegetable dusts including spores, moulds and viable products

Breathing in dust can pave the way for diseases, respiratory illness, and even cancer. This generally depends on size of dust particles, composition of the dust particle and its effect on the body, how often and how long an individual breathes in the dust. Most dust clouds contain particles of different sizes and hazardous dust is not always visible.

The potential health effects of some common dusts are summarized below:

  • Silica dust on construction sites, from drilling, sanding, grinding & cutting bricks and concrete.
  • Lead, manganese, zinc and calcium: Systemic toxic effects that are caused by absorption into the blood.
  • Certain woods, organic and inorganic chemicals: Allergic and hypersensitivity reactions.
  • Chromates, asbestos, quartz: Cancer
  • Coal dust: Pulmonary disease and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease such as bronchitis and emphysema.
    Other critical impacts

High level of dust is a risk when inhaled, and all levels of these types of dust listed are a safety hazard. It’s no exaggeration to say that coal dust is an important cause of underground explosions. Preventing underground explosions and their catastrophic consequences must always be the topmost priority in mining operations. In addition, industries dealing with metallic dusts are susceptible to explosions.

Opt for Industrial Vacuum Cleaners as a Great Solution for Hazardous Dust

Protecting workers from health and safety hazards is of utmost importance. In this regard, the first way to guarantee safety of workers is to give suitable work attire. The second and most important solution is implementing a proactive approach that utilizes vacuum cleaners in an environment where dust is created. Industrial Huuvan vacuums are helpful for cleaning in confined areas and for the removal of hazardous dust and fumes.

They are irreplaceable tools in heavy industry to collect great quantities of dust or granular materials that escape during the working process. Based on levels of hazardous dust, the vacuum cleaners are classified into three categories of use, specified as class L, class M, and class H. Industrial spaces come in the category of class H (High Hazardous Dust). To maintain the safety measures of the risky work environment, the importance of a reliable vacuum cleaner slope up while cleaning hazardous dust.

Safety measures for an Industrial Space:

  • The industrial vacuums are engineered to provide support for easy accretion and disposing of hazardous dust from industrial space.
  • Machines are equipped with special features that assist cleaning terms to be quick and efficient without any risk.
  • Sweeping debris by compact air method blowouts dirt and pathogens into the air and that’s very risky.
  • Industrial vacuum cleaners remove debris efficiently from locations where manual cleaning is not that effective.

The wide range of Huuvan vacuum cleaners have been purposely designed and built to meet the needs of users to effectively pick up hazardous dusts and debris.

Industrial Vacuum for Fine and Toxic Dust

Fine and toxic dusts pose a huge threat to human health. It is important to prevent these dusts in order to avoid any direct contact. Industrial Huuvan vacuum cleaners are equipped with proper high efficiency filters and proper collection systems to prevent harm from these types of dust.

Crescent Industrial provides effective cleaning solutions for all viable industrial needs through a collective range of industrial vacuums available in different sizes and abilities. Click here to view the range of Industrial Huuvan Vacuum Cleaners, or contact us today to discuss your requirement.

Safe Industrial ATEX Vacuum Cleaners

Safe Industrial ATEX Vacuum Cleaners

According to UK regulations, hazardous dust Vacuum Cleaners are required wherever dust can potentially cause an explosive atmosphere. Ensuring you use the correct ATEX rated vacuum cleaner in a specified zone is vitally important, and this is part of Health & Safety in the workplace that should never be ignored.

“ATEX”, an abbreviation for “Atmosphere Exposable”, a set of European Union directives this at are implied to mark up the security and safety of products used in explosive environments.

While serving an industrial space, understanding the importance of maximising productivity, while ensuring safety of the people is not compromised. Keeping workers safety is a priority.

We propose explosion proof industrial ATEX Vacuum Cleaners, as a reliable cleaning solution from potentially explosive dusts in manufacturing plants, such as; starch, flour, textiles, sugar, cereals, wood dust, plastics, metal dust, fine coal. If there is a build up to a sufficient concentration of these substances when mixed with oxygen in the air, plus any ignition source, this can cause an explosion.

Using correct apparatus (Huuvan ATEX Rated Industrial Vacuum Cleaners) during operating activity will ensure the workforce is kept at harm from any dangerous explosions, such as a factory fire.

Features of Explosion Proof Industrial ATEX Vacuum Cleaners:

  • Engineered to prevent any spark or electric tension.
  • Ensures maximum operators safety.
  • Designed for use in industrial areas that are classified as a Gas Zone or Dust Zone.
  • The ATEX norms trials every individual vacuum cleaner before decreeing it as tested.
  • Anti-static filters, hose and accessories eliminates sparks and shocks.
  • Designed to collect perilous dust and debris without any risk of explosion.
  • H Class Filtration is made to filter 99.995% of the dust from the surface and collect it in dust bag or a cyclone for safe disposal.
  • Makes cleaning quick and safe, bringing less manufacturing downtime, and increased production time.
  • Cleaner filters increase airflow to the vacuum motors to extend life of the motors and reduce costs of ownership.
  • Compact, Transportable & Resistant Machines.

Crescent industrial are the UK’s leading provider of high quality Safe Industrial ATEX Vacuum Cleaner, heading parallel with the latest advances in cleaning technology. Offering additional efficient and consistent solution for customer requirements. It’s an undeniable fact, how the need of specialist cleaning technology has increased so far.

If you are looking for a reliable solution, to create a safe and clean working environment where hazards are in the area, then we suggest you make contact with a helpful Huuvan industrial vac specialist today to discuss your requirements on atex rated equipment.

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Key Advantages of Floor Cleaning Machines

Key Advantages of Floor Cleaning Machines

Vast industrial floor surfaces are hard to clean through usual manual cleaning processes. Crescent Industrial, the leading provider of floor commercial cleaning equipment in the UK provide an extensive range of sweepers, scrubbers, on all industrial floor cleaners, available for rent or purchase. All these utensils are designed to fulfil specific cleaning needs and are the best technique to deal with dirt, debris, and dust from the floor.

Key advantages of Combination Sweeper / Scrubber Dryer Floor Cleaning Machines:

  • One-pass cleaning on all hard floor types bringing increased productivity with the best results.
  • Saves lots of time and manual labour with its every efficient sweep.
  • The perfect solution for heavy duty cleaning and sweeping.
  • Combination sweeper scrubbers are ideal for deep cleans of large floor areas.
  • Low cost maintenance, durable construction & reliable.
  • Ride-on floor cleaners are an effective machine that efficiently sweeps, scrubs & vacuums all in 1 go.
  • The manual effort of sweeping and mopping now becomes a lot less labour intensive.
  • Leaves the floor exceptionally clean.
  • Ideal for cleaning of industrial warehouses, distribution centres & construction sites.

Industrial Sweeper/Scrubber-dryers are designed so that they are easy for use, with hassle-free operating controls for simple operation for the user. They efficiently sweep scrub & Vacuum all in one go and the floor becomes clean and ready to be used again straight away.

Benefits of Hiring over Buying a Floor Cleaning Machine

Benefits of Hiring over Buying a Floor Cleaning Machine

Cleaning hard floors in vast industrial spaces is best completed using powered floor cleaning equipment, ensuring great cleaning results in a short period of time. Industrial floor cleaning machines are the best way of collecting all kinds of dirt, debris and dust from the floor to deploy a cost effective way for cleaning commercial floor surfaces. A clean working environment encourages and boosts increased productivity in the workplace, therefore it is important to invest in the correct type of industrial floor cleaning machine for your workplace.

Crescent Industrial offer all product categories from the floor cleaning range available for both short-term and long-term rental, such as:
  • Sweepers with TRS
  • Industrial Vacuum
  • Scrubber Dryers
  • Oscillating floor cleaners
  • Combined Sweeper & Scrubber Dryers
  • Commercial sweepers

Hiring industrial floor cleaning machines is a cost-effective way of investing in this type of asset, as like all machines, they require on-going maintenance and servicing, and by hiring the machine, this on-going maintenance is covered by Crescent Industrial, making rental an affordable option for all businesses.

Why it’s better to hire than buy:
  1. No large financial outlay as a capital investment.
  2. This opens a wide range of product options for the company to choose from rather than owing just one machine – smaller/larger machines are available according to the cleaning requirement.
  3. Flexible hire periods – according to the customers’ requirements.
  4. Crescent Industrial offer UK nationwide on all industrial floor cleaning machines.
  5. Hire agreement of machine includes replacement of parts cover, breakdown response, and machine replacement if required. (Excludes damage parts).
  6. You can maintain the cleanliness of your premises with no hassle, as using Ride-on or walk behind sweepers is very simple, and they are low maintenance.
  7. Hiring an industrial floor sweeper / scrubber increases ensures hygiene standards of your business are adhered to.

Cleaning an industrial space manually is a very inefficient option. If your company are needing an industrial floor cleaning machine, and don’t have the capital to invest in buying this type of equipment, then why not hire a floor cleaning machine to get your work done effectively and efficiently? The hassle-free way of investing in good quality and reliable floor cleaners.

Crescent Industrial provide full rental packages on all industrial floor cleaning machines currently shown on our website, to all industries, to all the UK, whether north or south, east or west, we are here to support you, and have a UK nationwide team of engineers to ensure your floor cleaning machine on hire from ourselves is kept in full working order at all times.

Hiring an Industrial Sweeper

Hiring an Industrial Sweeper

Crescent industrial offers a wide range of Scrubber-dryers, industrial sweepers, industrial vacuum cleaners, and industrial steam cleaners according to the needs of your workplace to create a clean and safe working environment. Industrial sweepers are designed to replace the high energy manual job of a person with a sweeping broom, and provide a solution where heavy cleaning is a high in demand.

You can choose from the two types available:
  1. Walk-Behind Industrial Sweeper
  2. Ride-on Industrial Sweeper

Industrial sit-on and walk-behind industrial Topfloor sweepers are designed with the TRS to bring optimum cleaning power and results, at all times! After intensive market observation and in close contact with corporate customers as well as end users of cleaning machines, market-oriented and demanding specifications are initially created for your sweeper solution.

Our Topfloor ride-on Vacuum sweepers with Tandem Roller System (TRS) cleaning gives productive results of efficient economical cleaning in vast areas:

  • Low maintenance & service cost.
  • Maximum life span & is simple to use/operate.
Advantages of Industrial sweepers
  • Brings efficiency and increased productivity for cleaning workers.
  • Cost effective long term benefits.
  • Using a vacuum sweeper consumes less time, floor cleaning work becomes quick and easy-to-do.
  • Requisite disposal mechanism is used to dispose any dust, dirt, mites or debris, or any kind of harmful elements from the surface.
  • High performance with the latest technologies, therefore cleaning any surface is done more effectively in shorter period’s time.

Crescent Industrial offer UK nationwide rental on a large range of industrial sweepers. Whenever you require a sweeper for cleaning your floor at short notice, then Crescent Industrial is available to deliver to any UK location on both short and long term hire. Our promise is to always deliver sweeper machine’s that provide deliver efficient performance and great results. Also, all hire agreements include contracts to cover replacement parts that have become worn. Including replacing machines if required.

As Crescent Industrial offer a full breakdown call out response team, you can guarantee you will be satisfied not only with an Industrial Top floor Sweeper, but the full back-up package that comes with it to ensure you have a machine in full working order on your site at all times. Top floor Sweepers are the No 1 chosen sweeper for rental in the UK.

Why use an Industrial Ride on Floor Sweeper?

Why use an Industrial Ride on Floor Sweeper?

Industrial ride on floor sweepers are designed for vast sweeping tasks to clean large areas effectively and efficiently with minimal effort, ensuring the person responsible is able to get the premium results from every work shift. Industrial sweepers remove all kinds of detritus (debris & dust) from the floor. A ride on sweeper offers a cost effective way to clean the outdoor grounds of a business place, which would normally take forever to clean manually using a brush. Using a sit on floor sweeper reduces time required to clean large areas, and can guarantee to bring satisfactory results.

Reasons to choose a Sit on Floor Sweeper:

  1. The area/path that the sweeper drives over is all cleaned all in one pass.
  2. Dust-Free Operation!
  3. No more manual travailing behind a sweeping brush.
  4. High productivity being operated with a combustion engine or battery.
  5. Topfloor ride on sweepers are in fitted with large brushes for faster cleaning, and large waste containers to ensure the user can continue using the sweeper for a long period of time.
  6. This cleaning equipment makes cleaner/maintenance worker’s job easier and faster. It completes the task in shorter period of time which would have taken many hours to clean manually using broom.
  7. Efficient process: regular broom cleaning does not collect all the dust and dirt whereas using a ride on floor sweeper accumulates everything in one single swipe.
  8. Long term benefits of owning a sit on floor sweeper:

a. Lower cost to either hire/purchase.
b. Easy to maintain.
c. Fewer wear items.
d. Simple to operate.
e. Great with light, medium & heavy debris.

9. Topfloor ride-on industrial sweepers are effective, durable and easy to manoeuvre in many applications, such as:

• Construction Sites
• Education Facilities
• Manufacturing Facilities
• Warehouse & Distribution Centres

Spending excessive time in cleaning large spaces regularly that demand a lot on labour results in being a cost to a company, rather than a benefit. Therefore, Crescent Industrial Ltd strongly advise organisations to invest in the rental or purchase of sit on industrial floor sweeping machines.

For more details on the benefits of the Topfloor Ride-On Sweepers, take a look:

A range of professional floor cleaning products from Topfloor that are designed to deal with the often complex issue of floor cleaning are available today. Ample support and advice is also readily available to ensure you get the best results from the extensive range of floor cleaning machines.

Contact us today to request a demonstration on a Topfloor Sit-On Sweeper.