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5 steps to maintain your floor scrubber and get the best cleaning results

5 steps to maintain your floor scrubber and get the best cleaning results

Whilst regular preventative service is always recommended for your floor cleaners, there’s some simple steps you can do to help ensure you get the best cleaning results from your scrubber-dryer. Whether you’re scrubbing warehouse floors, cleaning floors in hospitals or using floor cleaners to remove slip hazards in manufacturing areas the following maintenance steps will ensure you deliver optimal cleaning results:

1| Clean the Recovery Tank

Always empty the dirty water tank each time you’ve finished cleaning. Then leave the drain hose open on the floor and flush the tank with clean water – this clears any residues and avoids a build-up of sludge in the water tank helping prevent drain hose blockages.

2| Wipe the Squeegee Blades

Use a damp rag, cloth or hose to clean off the rubber blades paying attention to removing any build up from the front edge of the squeegee blade.

3| Check the Squeegee Blade 

Visually inspect the rubber blades to make sure it’s free of any cuts, tears or excessive wear. Rubber squeegees in good condition help leave your floor drier, cleaner and safer.

4| Charge the Batteries

Once the batteries are fully discharged, recharge in a well ventilated area – typically this is done overnight. Correct battery maintenance is a topic in itself, but it’s important to avoid opportune charging the batteries (using them for short periods and recharging for short periods) as this will severely impair the battery life.

5| Clean the Solution Filter

Most scrubber-dryers whether ride-on or walk behind have a solution filter to avoid any debris from the clean water tank travelling through the solution pipework and blocking it up. Remove the solution filter and flush it out under in a sink or under a tap.

Regularly completing these 5 maintenance steps will help you get the best cleaning results whatever floor scrubber-dryer you use on site. For more advice, service support or equipment enquiries contact our team directly on 01789 415695.

6 Steps to Sanitising Floors In Your Workplace

6 Steps to Sanitising Floors In Your Workplace

Appropriate sanitising and cleaning of your workplace has never been more important as we navigate through the Covid crisis.

To help you create clean and protect health in your facility, we’ve developed a six step guide to sanitising floors in the workplace:

  1. Select an appropriate sanitiser or disinfectant – ideally certified to BS EN 144476 virudical standards  e.g. saniclen
  2. Sweep or scrub the floor area as normal to remove debris and expose any bacteria and viruses.
  3. Fill the floor scrubber with water and sanitiser at the recommended sanitiser dilution ratio.
  4. Apply the sanisiter through the machine leaving the solution on the floor for the recommended dwell time to attack and destroy bacteria and viruses.
  5. Use the scrubber-dryer to vacuum and remove the sanitiser from the floor, if necessary use the scrubber-dryer to rinse the surface.
  6. Empty the scrubber-dryer, cleaning and flushing the recovery tanks and preparing it for storage.

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Other product for sanitising and cleaning that may be of interest are:



After years of experience in supplying industrial cleaning equipment at Crescent Industrial, we help our customers identify suitable equipment to deal with hazardous dust at their facilities. We have the latest collection of Huuvan vacuum cleaners suitable for use in explosive dust and ATEX zone 22 environments.

Our uniquely designed machines are quick and efficient in vacuuming dry dirt in large open spaces. The unique automatic filter cleaning system ensures constant high filtration, and optional cleaning heads assist you in efficient cleaning even in harsh operating environments.

For heavy-duty dust extraction, high specification HEPA filters are used to collect dust to 99.995% efficiency. To maintain continuous dust-free cleaning while the machine is in use, the ACS (Automatic Cleaning System) self-cleans the HEPA filters. ACS means the machine can maintain efficient cleaning performance in hazardous areas whilst working non-stop.

It is the tough industrial build of the machine that makes it well suited to picking up dry material such as dust and dirt at low running costs. With a set of additional special-purpose accessories and quick release accessories system, it becomes easier for the operator to maintain high cleaning productivity. The twin by-pass motors separate the vacuumed air from the motor and electronics to extend motor life and reliability, particularly when collecting damp products.

Our complete range of powerful industrial hoover are best suited for collecting   dust from  industrial facilities and are  available for rent and purchase across the UK. We provide reliable on site and remote customer support to help you choose the perfect equipment, and identify the best industrial hoover to hire. Our team of experts are always on hand to help you with technical support online and in person.

Ideal Combi-Action Scrubber Dryer for Cleaning Large Areas of Ingrained Dirt

Ideal Combi-Action Scrubber Dryer for Cleaning Large Areas of Ingrained Dirt

Crescent Industrial supply both pedestrian and rider operated industrial floor cleaning scrubber-dryers on short or long-term hire, purchase or lease. We can supply new, refurbished and pre-used scrubber dryers machines to suit any budget in any application. Their reliability, outstanding efficiency, and reduced noise levels make them able to meet the most demanding customer expectations for cleaning at any time, in any space.

As a company, we see it as important to consider efficiency, ergonomic and environmental impact, all in one go. If you’re looking for a floor cleaning machine that can help you while dealing with intense dirt environment, you need to hire a floor scrubber dryer.

A thoroughly modern machine, combi-action scrubber dryer covers two essential functions, such as scrubbing and drying making heavy-duty cleaning become a task that is easy to manage in cleaning applications of all sizes. As the scrubber-dryers are made with innovative Exoflex system controls, the consumption without compromising the performance becomes far above what is expected.

To clean up dirt, mess, debris and dust in large areas, you need to acquire the services of a machine that pull up to lesser service downtime. The next generation floor scrubbers with a larger battery capacity provide more than four to five hours of running time. Their extended continuous service time and robust design portrays as an ideal choice for commercial and industrial cleaning in specific areas, such as:

  • Supermarkets
  • Shopping malls
  • Schools
  • Airports
  • Hospitals
  • Warehouses
  • Food and Beverage Industry

These modern engineered industrial floor cleaning machines make available a whole lot of promising features delivering evident cleaning results. There are some genuine reasons to adopt technology-based equipment that one must have a keen look over. If needed to note a few:

  • Maximum performance
  • Easy handling
  • Low maintenance
  • Ecoflex system
  • Superb cleaning results
  • Eco-friendly

At Crescent Industrial, we have a team of experts to help you and answer all your questions. Call us today to discuss your floor cleaning requirements: 01789 415695!

Heavy Duty Industrial Sweeper for Car Parks

Heavy Duty Industrial Sweeper for Car Parks

The most efficient method of quickly cleaning a car park is to use an industrial floor sweeper. Depending on the size of the car park depends on whether it is best to use a walk-behind or sit-on battery-powered sweeper, to assist the cleaner in working efficiently and effectively. Maintaining a clean floor prevents falls and trip hazards to the people walking from and to their car in a public car park, so keeping the car park floor surface clean and free from dirt and debris at all times is very important, for the safety of all personnel.

Public car parks are often massive, and usually busy facilities. As a result, cleaning the car park can be hard, when trying to get rid of excessive dirt & debris collecting at the edgy corners and on the inclines. Thus, to tackle such routine hassles, you need to have rudimentary support of the vital, workable industrial floor cleaning machines that can stand against regular sweeping problems at car parks.

Floor Sweeper for Car Parks

Industrial floor sweepers are the best choice of many for cleaning large floor spaces such as a single level parking garage, a multilevel or multi-storey parking garage, an underground parking facility, or even an automated parking garage – all car parking facilities require reqular sweeping to ensure they remain clean and welcoming. When you look into actualities, you’ll get to know that the car park’s huge facilities are not the only reason for world-wide acceptance of advanced cleaning methods. There are a lot many features that these floor sweepers eligibly sustain.

A robust industrial floor sweeper would help the operator to seize the complete possible range of dust particles from gravel-sized to the finest of particles through straightforward operation and precision engineering. 

Where to hire an industrial floor sweeper from?

At Crescent Industrial, you can find top-quality, compact floor cleaning machines eligible for tackling intense sweeping works. These tools are proficient of catching debris in all shapes and sizes from drink bottles and food wrappers to the finest dust particles, even from extremely narrow spaces.

Through our dedicated sweeping equipment services providing convenience to our customers, we offer both purchase and hire industrial floor sweeper facilities, so that you can choose as per your needs. If you don’t want to block an expensive amount in purchase, you can also opt to hire an industrial floor sweeper for thorough cleaning of your car parks. You’ll get relentlessly capable tools equipped with all supreme features, such as large waste container, high power battery powered motors, outstanding sweeping, and great performance required for intense cleaning, delivering great results.

The best quality industrial floor sweepers will help in improving the performance of your workforce. Must use these tools for fast, easy no-tools access to main brooms, side brushes, filters and main components for reduced servicing downtime.

Consult us now if you’re unable to choose among available variants of industrial floor sweepers for heavy-duty cleaning needs at car parks. Whether it be a sit-on or walk-behind floor sweeper, we have a team of experts to help you with all your doubts and assist you in finding the optimum solution for your requirements.

Hire Floor Sweeper with Additional Working Tools

Hire Floor Sweeper with Additional Working Tools

Heavy dust & debris affairs at large facilities have no permanent solutions, though you can find best, convenient, & reliable ways to deal with them. There are top-quality, highly engineered cleaning equipments provided by Crescent Industrials for thorough collections of instance and highly minute dirt particles.

With years of experience in building up innovative cleaning solutions for various industries, Topfloor equipment develops a flawless tool with perfectly balanced features. The range of potential ride-on sweepers available in the market is highly exclusive for the customers to purchase or hire the one that exactly meets your requirements. These floor sweepers are most preferred due to their modern technology features & solid build up design together compensate for high-end performance.

Ride-on Floor Sweepers
The foremost reasons behind the rapid progression in the popularity of ride-on sweepers are simple, user-friendly controls, robust designs and powerful usability with minimized environmental impact. And the benefits lists keep on extending consequently, as there is so much an operator can do with this potent advanced tool equipped with several working tool functions.

Hardly some training is required to understand how the machine operates. Even an operator doesn’t need any to tool to switch among most of its features main brooms, side brushes, filters and other main components. Hence, the cleaning service’s downtime gets reduced. The top performing cleaning machine’s straight forward operation & precise engineering make it well rooted for several severe floor cleaning applications.

Crescent Industrial brings the best collections of these demanding floor cleaning machines for their customers to purchase or hire floor sweeper to remove dust from their respective facilities. Contact us now our experts are always there to help you find the possible solution for your cleaning hassle needs.