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Key Advantages of Floor Cleaning Machines

Key Advantages of Floor Cleaning Machines

Vast industrial floor surfaces are hard to clean through usual manual cleaning processes. Crescent Industrial, the leading provider of floor commercial cleaning equipment in the UK provide an extensive range of sweepers, scrubbers, on all industrial floor cleaners, available for rent or purchase. All these utensils are designed to fulfil specific cleaning needs and are the best technique to deal with dirt, debris, and dust from the floor.

Key advantages of Combination Sweeper / Scrubber Dryer Floor Cleaning Machines:

  • One-pass cleaning on all hard floor types bringing increased productivity with the best results.
  • Saves lots of time and manual labour with its every efficient sweep.
  • The perfect solution for heavy duty cleaning and sweeping.
  • Combination sweeper scrubbers are ideal for deep cleans of large floor areas.
  • Low cost maintenance, durable construction & reliable.
  • Ride-on floor cleaners are an effective machine that efficiently sweeps, scrubs & vacuums all in 1 go.
  • The manual effort of sweeping and mopping now becomes a lot less labour intensive.
  • Leaves the floor exceptionally clean.
  • Ideal for cleaning of industrial warehouses, distribution centres & construction sites.

Industrial Sweeper/Scrubber-dryers are designed so that they are easy for use, with hassle-free operating controls for simple operation for the user. They efficiently sweep scrub & Vacuum all in one go and the floor becomes clean and ready to be used again straight away.

Benefits of Hiring over Buying a Floor Cleaning Machine

Benefits of Hiring over Buying a Floor Cleaning Machine

Cleaning hard floors in vast industrial spaces is best completed using powered floor cleaning equipment, ensuring great cleaning results in a short period of time. Industrial floor cleaning machines are the best way of collecting all kinds of dirt, debris and dust from the floor to deploy a cost effective way for cleaning commercial floor surfaces. A clean working environment encourages and boosts increased productivity in the workplace, therefore it is important to invest in the correct type of industrial floor cleaning machine for your workplace.

Crescent Industrial offer all product categories from the floor cleaning range available for both short-term and long-term rental, such as:
  • Sweepers with TRS
  • Industrial Vacuum
  • Scrubber Dryers
  • Oscillating floor cleaners
  • Combined Sweeper & Scrubber Dryers
  • Commercial sweepers

Hiring industrial floor cleaning machines is a cost-effective way of investing in this type of asset, as like all machines, they require on-going maintenance and servicing, and by hiring the machine, this on-going maintenance is covered by Crescent Industrial, making rental an affordable option for all businesses.

Why it’s better to hire than buy:
  1. No large financial outlay as a capital investment.
  2. This opens a wide range of product options for the company to choose from rather than owing just one machine – smaller/larger machines are available according to the cleaning requirement.
  3. Flexible hire periods – according to the customers’ requirements.
  4. Crescent Industrial offer UK nationwide on all industrial floor cleaning machines.
  5. Hire agreement of machine includes replacement of parts cover, breakdown response, and machine replacement if required. (Excludes damage parts).
  6. You can maintain the cleanliness of your premises with no hassle, as using Ride-on or walk behind sweepers is very simple, and they are low maintenance.
  7. Hiring an industrial floor sweeper / scrubber increases ensures hygiene standards of your business are adhered to.

Cleaning an industrial space manually is a very inefficient option. If your company are needing an industrial floor cleaning machine, and don’t have the capital to invest in buying this type of equipment, then why not hire a floor cleaning machine to get your work done effectively and efficiently? The hassle-free way of investing in good quality and reliable floor cleaners.

Crescent Industrial provide full rental packages on all industrial floor cleaning machines currently shown on our website, to all industries, to all the UK, whether north or south, east or west, we are here to support you, and have a UK nationwide team of engineers to ensure your floor cleaning machine on hire from ourselves is kept in full working order at all times.

Hiring an Industrial Sweeper

Hiring an Industrial Sweeper

Crescent industrial offers a wide range of Scrubber-dryers, industrial sweepers, industrial vacuum cleaners, and industrial steam cleaners according to the needs of your workplace to create a clean and safe working environment. Industrial sweepers are designed to replace the high energy manual job of a person with a sweeping broom, and provide a solution where heavy cleaning is a high in demand.

You can choose from the two types available:
  1. Walk-Behind Industrial Sweeper
  2. Ride-on Industrial Sweeper

Industrial sit-on and walk-behind industrial Topfloor sweepers are designed with the TRS to bring optimum cleaning power and results, at all times! After intensive market observation and in close contact with corporate customers as well as end users of cleaning machines, market-oriented and demanding specifications are initially created for your sweeper solution.

Our Topfloor ride-on Vacuum sweepers with Tandem Roller System (TRS) cleaning gives productive results of efficient economical cleaning in vast areas:

  • Low maintenance & service cost.
  • Maximum life span & is simple to use/operate.
Advantages of Industrial sweepers
  • Brings efficiency and increased productivity for cleaning workers.
  • Cost effective long term benefits.
  • Using a vacuum sweeper consumes less time, floor cleaning work becomes quick and easy-to-do.
  • Requisite disposal mechanism is used to dispose any dust, dirt, mites or debris, or any kind of harmful elements from the surface.
  • High performance with the latest technologies, therefore cleaning any surface is done more effectively in shorter period’s time.

Crescent Industrial offer UK nationwide rental on a large range of industrial sweepers. Whenever you require a sweeper for cleaning your floor at short notice, then Crescent Industrial is available to deliver to any UK location on both short and long term hire. Our promise is to always deliver sweeper machine’s that provide deliver efficient performance and great results. Also, all hire agreements include contracts to cover replacement parts that have become worn. Including replacing machines if required.

As Crescent Industrial offer a full breakdown call out response team, you can guarantee you will be satisfied not only with an Industrial Top floor Sweeper, but the full back-up package that comes with it to ensure you have a machine in full working order on your site at all times. Top floor Sweepers are the No 1 chosen sweeper for rental in the UK.

Why use an Industrial Ride on Floor Sweeper?

Why use an Industrial Ride on Floor Sweeper?

Industrial ride on floor sweepers are designed for vast sweeping tasks to clean large areas effectively and efficiently with minimal effort, ensuring the person responsible is able to get the premium results from every work shift. Industrial sweepers remove all kinds of detritus (debris & dust) from the floor. A ride on sweeper offers a cost effective way to clean the outdoor grounds of a business place, which would normally take forever to clean manually using a brush. Using a sit on floor sweeper reduces time required to clean large areas, and can guarantee to bring satisfactory results.

Reasons to choose a Sit on Floor Sweeper:

  1. The area/path that the sweeper drives over is all cleaned all in one pass.
  2. Dust-Free Operation!
  3. No more manual travailing behind a sweeping brush.
  4. High productivity being operated with a combustion engine or battery.
  5. Topfloor ride on sweepers are in fitted with large brushes for faster cleaning, and large waste containers to ensure the user can continue using the sweeper for a long period of time.
  6. This cleaning equipment makes cleaner/maintenance worker’s job easier and faster. It completes the task in shorter period of time which would have taken many hours to clean manually using broom.
  7. Efficient process: regular broom cleaning does not collect all the dust and dirt whereas using a ride on floor sweeper accumulates everything in one single swipe.
  8. Long term benefits of owning a sit on floor sweeper:

a. Lower cost to either hire/purchase.
b. Easy to maintain.
c. Fewer wear items.
d. Simple to operate.
e. Great with light, medium & heavy debris.

9. Topfloor ride-on industrial sweepers are effective, durable and easy to manoeuvre in many applications, such as:

• Construction Sites
• Education Facilities
• Manufacturing Facilities
• Warehouse & Distribution Centres

Spending excessive time in cleaning large spaces regularly that demand a lot on labour results in being a cost to a company, rather than a benefit. Therefore, Crescent Industrial Ltd strongly advise organisations to invest in the rental or purchase of sit on industrial floor sweeping machines.

For more details on the benefits of the Topfloor Ride-On Sweepers, take a look:

A range of professional floor cleaning products from Topfloor that are designed to deal with the often complex issue of floor cleaning are available today. Ample support and advice is also readily available to ensure you get the best results from the extensive range of floor cleaning machines.

Contact us today to request a demonstration on a Topfloor Sit-On Sweeper.

The Complete Guide to Walk Behind Floor Scrubber-Dryer

The Complete Guide to Walk Behind Floor Scrubber-Dryer

Industrial pedestrian floor scrubber-dryers are a vital tool in offering a business the most efficient way of scrubbing and cleaning hard floors in all medium to larger sized facility. Just one pass over the floor and it is absolutely clean and completely ready to be walked on. You can get a wide range of walk behind floor scrubbers to suit all types of floor care needs.

• Greater Productivity

Floor scrubber also offer greater cleaning productivity than the conventional mop and bucket method. Nothing can match the power, performance and effectiveness of a floor scrubber dryer machine. They are designed to remove dirt in a hassle-free manner, therefore there is no need for manual labour when removing heavy grease from hard floors in the workplace.

• Easy to use

All walk-behind scrubber-dryers have been designed so they are easy to use. In other words, they are extremely simple to operate and don’t require any intense physical labour. They clean a larger surfaces quickly. Hence, it’s no exaggeration to say that these heavy-duty floor cleaning machines can assist you in achieving a cleaner floor much faster and with ease, while increasing productivity.

• Applications

Moreover, walk behind scrubbers can be used in applications with ramps, inclines or even buildings that include an elevator. They can offer greater flexibility for use on all types of floor plans in many industry types, such as:

They are also known as self-propelled walk-behind floor scrubber dryers. Using walk behind scrubber dryers is a more economic option for cleaning a building that has less cleaning coverage needs. It is among the most innovative type of floor cleaning equipment that is available in the market.

SC250 - Nilfisk Scrubber Dryer - 5 - cleaning on public transportSC500 - Walk-Behind Nilfisk Scrubber Dryer - In ActionSC800 - Industrial Walk Behind Nilfisk Scrubber-Dryer - In Action





Crescent Industrial supply high-quality floor cleaning equipment, including walk behind scrubber dryers. You can have a look at their wide range of products and find a floor cleaning machine that best suits the requirements of your workplace.



Preparation with a Topfloor Oscillating Orbital Floor Cleaner…


The Topfloor Oscillating Floor Cleaning method is ideal for preparing surfaces!
Examples include sanding/roughening a coated floor and removing coatings or glue residue. The machines are also often used to prepare PVC floors or remove an old PU finish so that a new finish can be applied. For this, we use bonded diamond pads, aluminum oxide pads, open-structure pads and sanding paper. For preparation work, the choice of weight is often decisive for the speed and quality of the work. A higher pressure often gives a better result.

Since preparation work is often carried out dry, we recommend using the Dust Control Vacuum with the Splash & Dust Guard.



Type of floorProcessPadWeights
Coated concrete
PVC floor
cast floor
Grinding and roughening hard surfaces
(very abrasive)
Sia Sandpaper 100 grit 4 to 6 sets
Grinding and roughening hard surfaces (abrasive)Diamant pad Red 4 to 6 sets
Removing PU
(very abrasive)
 Sia Sandpaper 100 grit 4 sets
Removing PU (abrasive) Diamant pad Red 4 tot 6 sets
Removing PU
(slightly abrasive)
 Strip Alu pad 4 tot 6 sets
Removing glue residue
(very abrasive)
 Sia Sandpaper 60 grit 4 tot 6 sets