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Buy Effective Scrubber-Dryers for Cleaning, Scrubbing & Maintaining Factories

by | Jun 21, 2017 | News / Blogs / Advice | 0 comments

Having a clean factory floor in any type of production area is paramount.
The factory floor must also be free from any dirt and debris for a number of safety reasons, as not only do you need to comply with Health and Safety regulations, dirt on the floor is a hazard and staff will be prone to trip, fall and injure themselves. Also, a cleaning workplace is guaranteed to increase staff productivity.
By cleaning and maintaining the floor, the people in the factory would be benefited in a multitude of ways:
  • All our scrubber-dryers are very easy to use, from switching on, to filling up with water & chemical, to emptying the waste tank.
  • Our scrubber-dryers come in different sizes suitable for all floor sizes of small, medium and large. There are walk behind (pedestrian) as well as ride-on (sit-on) models available for rental & purchase. The walk behind scrubber dryers are much lighter and compact which makes them work efficiently and they meet a number of cleaning needs, such as reaching the hard-to-reach spaces in buildings, like the corner of rooms, and under tables and chairs etc. The ride-on models are efficient to carry out jobs quickly in large areas, and these models clean the facilities thoroughly.
  • There are a number of floor scrubber-dryers which carry out multiple functions. These functions include vacuuming, scrubbing and drying simultaneously.
  • All Cordless Scrubber-Dryers are adjustable according to the requirements of the floor,so that no area of the floor surface is missed out.
  • Factory floors, especially the glossy ones often look clean when they are thoroughly polished clean. That is why we recommend you use a scrubber-dryer to grab all dirt and debris, vacuum it away, and leave a light polishing effect on the factory floor, and the result is a fresh, clean floor in a workplace, where people enjoy working.
  • Prevents spreading the dirt to other places, means that not only floors can be kept beautifully clean – The factory floors can be maintained to a clean and healthy environment.
Pedestrian Scrubber-Dryers and Ride-On Scrubber-Dryers are excellent cleaning tools and are used in almost every type of factory. They are equipped with multiple functions and powerful motors as well as strong filtration systems makes our range of scrubber-dryers the premium choice when you need to clean your floors to make them look shiny and clean, to ensure dirt is not being spread to other places.