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Benefits of Hiring A Floor Scrubber Where There Is A Lot Of Traffic Creating Dust and Dirt

by | Mar 20, 2017 | News / Blogs / Advice | 0 comments

Floors that get high activity require normal cleaning that can be tedious and daunting to execute through conventional strategies. Commercial floor scrubbers make the job of cleaning floors significantly less demanding than it would be by cleaning them using the standard mop & bucket. The following industries, such as: Automotive; Construction; Contract Cleaners; Distribution Centres; Facilities Management & Maintenance Co’s; Food & Beverage Production Facilities; Government & Local Authorities / Councils; Heavy Industry; Manufacturing; Retail & Schools; Institutions & Places of learning; and other places that have large number of visitors on a daily basis, will find it greatly valuable to investigate floor scrubbers and sweepers available to be purchased, to ensure your workplace stays clean to yield better performance from the workforce, and to also comply with today’s safety standards of cleanliness in all organisations. The range of floor cleaning machines are the right choice if you are looking to clean large or small commercial areas – whether it be indoors or outdoors – all machines are capable of daily heavy industrial use, and as they are easy to use and operate, very little operator training is required, to more time time can be spent cleaning!

Whether you are looking to hire or purchase a floor cleaning machine, Crescent Industrial provides a full range of high end floor cleaning machines and equipment for all demanding applications in all situations. When you manually clean with mop or wipe, drying may take some time. Given that our cordless scrubber-dryers doesn’t use so much water as a cleaning manually with cleaning tools, wet floor times are kept to a minimum. This will help diminish the likelihood of clients slipping and falling, which could prompt to claims.

More prominent Cleaning Efficiency

Our economical scrubber-dryers not just uses less water, in this way permitting the floor to dry quickly.  These cleaning machines have the ability to expel grime, oil, dust, dirt and earth. Our range of scrubbers always fulfill the clients expectations, as they release water and chemicals on the floor, followed by a scouring the soil and grime away, and leaving an immaculate clean floor.

Simpler Cleaning Process

You will discover all our scrubber-dryers are  very simple to work with. All come with operator manuals, and they can also be found on the product pages on the website and operator training is given on delivery of the machine to all users, to ensure the client receives optimum performance and results from the cleaning machine. You can either push it from behind or ride it over the territory to be cleaned, contingent on whether you have a push floor scrubber or a ride-on one. Either assortment diminishes the measure of exertion that the administrator needs to apply and empowers a bigger surface territory to be cleaned in a littler measure of time.

Crescent Industrial is one of the leading floors cleaning service providers that offer a wide range of floor scrubbers and cleaning machines at the best rates. You can hire the desired machine and clean your commercial floors without any hassle.

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Hiring a  scrubber dryer could be the ideal answer for your business if you encounter a great deal of movement and discover your staff expecting to clean floors always. For a fine choice of low-support floor scrubbers that will empower you to clean more rapidly and effectively, you can find your solution right here: