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by May 26, 2016News / Blogs / Advice0 comments

When it comes to floor cleaning in your business premises, you need the right equipment to keep your floor surfaces clean, shining and free of dirt. Customers entering your complex will spot grim and dirt soon and will procure negative impact on your business and corporate image. A commercial cleaning machine is a perfect solution in this regard. Crescent Industrial have a team of experts available and ready to discuss your cleaning requirements today. We are only a phone call away! 
If you are running a commercial cleaning organisation, a suitable commercial cleaning sweeping machine will help clean floors quickly and satisfy customers while exceeding there expectations. However, we advise that you choose the right machine for your specific job to suit the industry you are working in.
Frequently with regards to cleaning floors you likewise need access to an extensive variety of concrete sweepers as they offer spotless cleaning of concrete floors and carpeted surfaces. They are designed to make commercial space environment healthy by eliminating dust and airborne contaminants from the indoors. Advanced concrete sweepers come with two contra-rotating brooms equipped with dust control system to control dust flying everywhere and spreading airborne diseases.


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TF130R TRS TOPFLOOR Ride On Sweeper 1 300x189 1
As downtime at work is not an option, you need to ensure the machines are in working order all the time. So make sure you have the right industrial floor cleaning machines for your organisation. Should the machines you have on site fail to perform, then this is where we, as a company strive to provide you with the best back up service, making sure you have the right machine suited to your site at all times.
Crescent Industrial is a growing commercial cleaning supplying service in the UK, specialising in the provision of quality floor cleaning equipment to industries, commercial places, cleaning contractors, distributors and facilities managers.
Established in 1975 as a family owned service, the Crescent Industrial is one of the industry’s leading names for cleaning machinery supplying services. The company offers different models of scrubbers, dryers, concrete sweepers and other commercial cleaning machines that are the latest entry to the market delivering high performance every time.


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