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Atex Dust Rated Industrial Hoover with Automatic Filter Cleaning System

Atex Dust Rated Industrial Hoover with Automatic Filter Cleaning System

Silica dust is mostly present at construction sites or manufacturing sites where grinding, cutting and drilling takes place all the time. The airborne dust is hazardous for the surrounding workers and others in its vicinity. ATEX dust rated industrial hoovers play a vital role in making the environment at such sites a safe and friendly place to work in, to a large extent.

Huuvan Vacuums with Automatic Cleaning System
There are vacuum cleaners (hoovers) in different variants that come with an automatic filter cleaning system. Mostly all of them have these features in common:

HEPA Filters: It is has a major role to play in removal of silica dust. These ‘M Class’ filters can collect submicron dust with the efficiency of 99.95%.

Cyclone Protection: Cyclone technology and metal shroud protect your oversized filters from getting damaged from abrasive materials.

Easy Release: These hoovers come with quick releases so that you can swiftly switch between the accessories.

Longopac: This is a self-sealed bag system that prevents the formation of dust clouds while emptying the container. The Longopac Bag System is the best-rated dust containing bagging system on the market.

Apart from these features, the Huuvan Industrial Hoovers from Crescent Industrial come with Automatic Cleaning System (ACS). The large sized HEPA filters are cleaned automatically via this technology. What makes it more considerate is the fact that the automatic cleaning system (ACS) works alongside the vacuum cleaner which saves a lot of time and effort for the users.

Another reason why these vacuum cleaners are the best option for cleaning your construction sites is ATEX certification. Ensuring the safety of your workers we provide such products that not only help in cleaning your surroundings but are also safe to use. You can find the best vacuum for construction & concrete silica dust at our store. Experts at Crescent Industrial can also be a great help in selecting an appropriate hoover for your workplace. So, contact us without any hesitation for any query regarding vacuum cleaners, sweepers and other cleaning equipment.

Advantages of Floor Sweeper Hire

Advantages of Floor Sweeper Hire

By replacing the cleaning process from the original method of a person and a sweeping brush with any equipment for floor cleaning enhances the efficiency of your cleaning process remarkably. Whether it’s a construction site, shopping mall, warehouse etc., floor sweepers are a great option to get rid of the dust and other trash. As per your convenience you can buy as well as hire a floor sweeper.

Pros of hiring a floor sweeper

  • Renting sweepers prevents having to invest in cash into depreciating capital equipment.
  • The maintenance of the large sweeper is part of the rental agreement.
  • Full service back up available, including operator training at all times.

Floor sweepers are available for hire from Crescent Industrial, to help you get your job done. We have a variety of sweepers that are divided into two categories: walk behind sweepers and ride on sweepers.

Walk behind sweepers:

The TF80-TRS, TF90VB-TRS, TF91-TRS, TF100-TRS, TF100R-TRS sweepers are designed with excellent features. They:

  • Collect cans, large litter and other fine particles.
  • Work four times faster than a manual cleaning process.
  • Have brooms that are wear resistant with adjustable height.
  • Come with gear engineering that help in sweeping with least efforts.

Ride-on sweepers:

These types of sweepers are perfect for building material manufacturers and other such sites. Topfloor sit-on sweepers have:

  • Spring loaded side brushes protect the equipment from getting damaged.
  • Tyres are foam-filled thus leaving no mark behind.
  • Can operate for up to 5 hours even on single charge.
  • Allows fast and easy access to main brooms and side brooms.

Showcasing the efficient Top floor equipment range of sweepers, Crescent Industrial is the best place to hire large outdoor sweeper from. We rent and sell our perfectly engineered sweepers that are highly productive and adequate to clean small and large areas. So, if you are looking forward to hire a floor sweeper, feel free to contact us. Our experts would advise you with the sweeper that best suits your needs. Call us today!

Top Rated Vacuums for Silica Dust: Best Equipment to Collect It at Source

Top Rated Vacuums for Silica Dust: Best Equipment to Collect It at Source

For any construction site or industrial factories, it is very common to have silica dust become airborne. The residue left after cutting, grinding, mining etc. makes the environment unhealthy and hazardous for workers. Responsible business owners not just take care of their business but also keep in mind the safety of their employees. Top rated vacuums for silica dust are the best solutions to get rid of the harmful dust particles around a construction site. Huuvan vacuums with HEPA filters are exclusively designed to collect silica dust right at its source.

Huuvan Vacuums Come with Extraordinary Features:

  • Portable design gives easy access to cleaning zones
  • On tool dust extraction via remote start feature for power tools like orbital sanders and circular saws
  • Got powerful vacuum efficiency
  • Protective metal shroud to safeguard oversize filters from abrasive material
  • Ease of collecting dust and liquids without changing the filter
  • Twin, triple by-pass motors that isolate vacuum air thus enhancing the durability of a motor
  • 99.995% efficiency for dust collection that protects workforce from hazardous dust particles
  • Optional bin container with stainless steel to collect highly corrosive materials
  • Self-cleaning Automatic Cleaning System and Vibrator Cleaning System

HEPA filters with high-end technology for collecting silicon dust at its source, trap silica particles and keep them from reaching the filters. Whether its freshly released silica dust, buildup dust or airborne silica dust, Huuvan vacuum cleaners are ideal to get your construction site cleaned extensively. These industrial vacuums are available in single, double as well as triple motors. The power vacuuming of this equipment saves a lot of time and effort of your workforce ensuring the safety of their health. So, if you are looking for top rated vacuums for silica dust, Crescent Industrials can be extremely helpful. We suggest the most suitable industrial vacuums depending upon the size and type of your construction site. Call us today & get the right vacuum cleaner for your workplace.

Silica Dust Safety! Create a Safe Working Environment Using Huuvan Vacuums

Silica Dust Safety! Create a Safe Working Environment Using Huuvan Vacuums

Vacuum cleaners play a very important role in the cleaning of construction sites, mining areas, chemical-pharmaceutical industries etc. Therefore, we feel it important to make you aware that they save you and your workers from some hazardous diseases?

Silica dust, also known as quartz are very small particles that are generated while cutting, grinding, drilling different materials. They are hundred times smaller than the size of a sand particle which makes them invisible for naked eyes.  Crystalline silica can have dangerous effects on your health like:

  • Silicosis
  • Lung cancer
  • Tuberculosis etc.

Benefits of HUUVAN Vacuums

Airborne silica dust is a threat to the lives of the workers at any construction site. Huuvan vacuum with power suction that is most suitable the vacuuming of silica dust.

  • Why a Huuvan Industrial Vacuum:
  • High performance equipment that can be easily maneuvered.
  • Available in portable design.
  • Variety of air flow capacities like 170 m3/h, 300 m3/h, 320 m3/h, 340 m3/h.
  • The open steel body of Huuvan vacuum makes it a highly corrosive resistant product.
  • It comes with automatic cleaning system and vibrator cleaning system.
  • It can easily reach the nook and corners of any difficult to reach areas on site.

Other Important Features

  • Cyclone protection is a feature that keeps the particles from reaching the inner most part of the filters as they could damage it.
  • With the help of Longopac you can easily empty the container avoiding the formation of dust clouds in the air.
  • Every part of Huuvan Vacuum cleaners is ATEX certified including its handle.
  • It has a parallel configuration which contributes in better suction for longer distance.

The comprehensive cleaning of hazardous particles like silica dust, makes this vacuum cleaner the top most choice for industrialists worldwide. Crescent Industrial can help you in choosing amongst the different variants of Huuvan Vacuums. We assure that this vacuum cleaner is undoubtedly the best choice to collect silica dust. Call us today for any other information.

Industrial Vacuums for Silica Dust with Hepa Filtration Have A Lot To Get Credited For

Industrial Vacuums for Silica Dust with Hepa Filtration Have A Lot To Get Credited For

Environmental issues like climate change, deforestation, mining etc., have taken a lot of attention of the people around the world. This has raised a significant concern amongst industrialists as they have become far more cautious in carrying out various industry operations. There are many waste materials which could scatter at a construction site and make that place and its surroundings look dirty. Apart from this, dust particles such as silica dust, released at a construction site are hazardous for the health of the workers.

Industrial vacuums for silica dust with HEPA filtration can be enormously helpful

  • These vacuum cleaners come with single motor, twin motors as well as triple motors.
  • You have the options to choose amongst the powered models that come in 110v, 230v, 400v etc.
  • The automatic vacuum shutoff option is helpful when the container gets filled up with liquids.
  • Tool and accessory basket is another attractive feature as it avoids piling up of tools on the floor while cleaning it.
  • Option of Filter Cleaning: ACS (Automatic Cleaning System) or VCS (Vibrator Cleaning System).

HEPA Filter with High Build Quality

  • A supreme quality HEPA filter works comprehensively to trap the silica dust at any construction site.
  • The interlaced glass fibres used in this filter help in getting the dust stick to them.
  • It can efficiently trap ultrafine particles thus making the sweeping process easier.

Depending upon the size of your industry, you can choose the most suitable vacuum cleaners. In case you are in a fix to select the right cleaning equipment for your site, seek help from a reliable source. Experts at Crescent Industrial can definitely help you in choosing the right industrial vacuum. We can also give you a lot of options in industrial vacuums with HEPA filtration that are ideal to get rid of silica dust. We are just a call away. Enquire Today!