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Walk Behind Floor Scrubber for Routine Cleaning & Maintenance

Walk Behind Floor Scrubber for Routine Cleaning & Maintenance

Workers at warehouses have to deal with a lot of floor cleaning hassles during the routine maintenance process. It’s an undeniable fact keeping larges spaces like schools or public buildings clean and safe for people working and visiting regularly, becomes quite difficult for workers to manage their cleaning using a mop and bucket. Since the crowd is in continual motion, so you have very less time to wrap up your cleaning process.

Crescent industrial offers the top quality walk behind floor scrubber to avoid undertaking time exhausting cleaning practices. We offer floor scrubber hire service to our clients for easy attainment of a safe and clean environment. It’s in high demand at places such as schools, hospital, supermarket, and public buildings as a reliable solution for cleaning needs.

Benefits of Hiring floor scrubber dryers

It’s significant to well strategies the cleaning procedure when you’re managing at a large scale. At such stages, even a mistake would impact the complete system. And if you don’t want to be a part of that fuss, you can hire our floor scrubber dryer, which is evident cleaning equipment for your needsSo, it is essential to adopt a cleaning process, which is safe for workers as well. Here are some of its benefits that are highly advantageous for routine maintenance of warehouses.

  • Enhanced productivity and reduced cleaning time to cover large floor areas due to high capacity tanks & long-lasting batteries.
  • User friendly execution layout. Hardly require some training to use for daily use and maintenance.
  • Easy access to button that activates all scrubber facilities.
  • Provided with ergonomic pedal to lift and lower the deck.

These walk behind floor scrubber perform speedy, effortless, and efficient cleaning, making the procedure far more convenient, and easy to manage. At Crescent Industrial, we develop innovative floor cleaning solutions which help, as we provide the power for you to create a cleaner and safer place. If you were looking for a way out to deal with regular untidiness, contact us now. Allow us to help you.

Atex Dust Rated Industrial Hoover with Automatic Cleaning System

Atex Dust Rated Industrial Hoover with Automatic Cleaning System

A high dust environment is the most unsafe for people and the hardest to clean. The workers’ health becomes a risk whenever they inhale airborne dust at work. It also impacts the productivity of the industrial space since the dust continually keeps on disturbing the workers, and interrupting their tasks.

Crescent Industrial provides you with a wide range of Huuvan vacuums taking the guarantee of the high-quality dust-free cleaning. The mechanism of these explosion-proof industrial Atex vacuum cleaners designed to automate the filtration process. Thus, ACS self-cleans the filters simultaneously while they are in use.

The intention of using the Atex approved cleaning machines, at the workstation falling under zone 2 or zone 22, is to adapt protection methods for the workforce. These zones can show the intensity of the explosive atmosphere. An automated filter cleaning system comes as standard from Huuvan with an Atex dust rated industrial Hoover. It keeps a steady airflow suction of the vacuum motors, extending the life of the motor and decreasing its maintenance cost.

How Automated Cleaning System Works?

Vacuum cleaners that have the ACS is a preferred choice of many to ensure the user can continue using the vacuum cleaner without having to switch it off, and prevent manually cleaning the filters, as the ACS is designed for the filters to clean themselves 1 by 1 continuously, and so this also helps to control the precarious fine dust particles harming the workers. It begins with cyclone technology getting in business to pick and drop the heavier dust directly into the bin. The metal sheaths defend multi-layered H-Class filters from jamming due to high masses of fine dust. These filters are able enough to collect sub-micron dust with 99.995% efficiency.

At Crescent Industrial, we recommend the best cleaning equipment to best suit your cleaning requirements. Huuvan Vacuum Cleaners are intended to achieve and maintain optimum cleaning solutions for the extraction of dust in industrial spaces. Explosion-proof industrial Atex vacuum cleaners are a potent member of our cleaning equipment product list. We are have already helped, and are continuing to help many like you to get rid of dust and keep workplaces safe for workers.

Ergonomic Vacuum Cleaner for Silica Dust

Ergonomic Vacuum Cleaner for Silica Dust

In industrial operational environments such as brick factories, flour factories and building sites, workers are exposed to fine dust, also known as silica dust. Thus it becomes essential to put in applications, a HEPA H-Class vacuum cleaner that can collect sub-micron dust with 99.995% efficiency to protect the workforce. Silica dust is too fine to be observed through your naked eyes but has proven to be hazardous to health if inhaled. Constant exposure to such harmful material like silica dust can cause lung cancer or other severe diseases, such as silicosis.

Crescent Industrial offer a wide range of ATEX approved Huuvan vacuum cleaners specially designed to overcome the industrial safety hazards caused by fine dust. Our vacuum cleaners are eligible enough to deliver the highest level of protection while cleaning or demolishing the collected dust. The 90mm, 70mm or 50mm accessories are provided with our ergonomic vacuum cleaner for their prominent usage in numerous applications no matter whether you need high airspeed or high airflow it’s qualified for both, ensuring none of the hazardous dust becomes airborne, ensuring the workforce is kept safe at all times.

Industrial Vacuums for silica dust with HEPA filtration is fitted in with cyclone protections to evade dust from getting bonded to the filters. It’s ACS (Automatic Cleaning System) cleans the HEPA filter on its own. So, you can continue cleaning/vacuuming with your optimum dust-free cleaning without thinking about cleaning filters again and again. This also means that managers know they are safe asking their employees to use Huuvan Industrial Vacuums for silica dust with HEPA filtration, having confirmation, that the workers will never be exposed to the hazardous silica dust, as long as the equipment is all used correctly, as stated in the operator’s manuals.

Where 1 gram of silica dust passes through the filters of normal (L Class Rated) vacuum cleaner, collecting through (H Class) Huuvan vacuum cleaners filters accumulate even the finest of fine particles and filter up to 0.005 grams and gets it exhausted easily into the Longopac bag system, ensuring the hazardous dust is kept contained at all times.

Huuvan vacuum cleaners from Crescent Industrial work as a piece of standalone cleaning equipment for industrial spaces. If you are one of many people, finding it difficult to deal with silica dust contact us we can recommend and provide you with the best equipment required for your specific cleaning need, in any dusty environment.

Sustainable Walk Behind Floor Sweeper

Sustainable Walk Behind Floor Sweeper

By time more industries are switching on to cleaning and maintenance solutions that rely on sustainable technologies. It has enhanced the demand for high-performance floor sweepers. These robust sweepers are an ideal choice for various cleaning application facilitating indoor and outdoor. The battery-powered walk behind floor sweeper requires far less effort for extraordinarily effective cleaning. It has strengths to make the area dirt and debris free around four times faster than a man doing broom.

Industries such as hospitality, food, health care, government, and manufacturing have believed in the walk-behind floor sweeper. Technology has made things much easier to clutch.  Innovative Tandem Roller System (TRS) allows you to collect cans, large litter, sheets of paper and fine particles from various areas.

Benefits of Floor Sweeper

The floor sweepers unite the principles of a modular system with that of TRS extending the performance with added flexibility and comfort. The waste collection process, two brushes rolling against each other transfers the dirt directly into the waste container, improves the performance and dust extraction abilities of the floor sweepers.  They are suitable for both inside and outside cleaning, have a look at why:


The walk-behind floor sweeper is provided in with user-friendly controls you don’t need to spend much time and money in training the staff how to use it. Their features make them highly productive and performative.

High Standards of Cleaning

Consistency in high-performance cleaning is one of the best advantages of floor sweepers. Its powerful engines can clean factories, warehouses and your forecourts like small storage floors or car parks. Such is the kind of performance range it provides.

At Crescent Industrial, we offer floor sweeper rental service for short term (minimum of 1 week) and long term (Min. of 12 months). You can also purchase one from our extensive range of 350+ seamless products ideal for your cleaning needs.

Crescent Industrial Wish You A Very Happy Holiday Season & Best Wishes For 2020

Crescent Industrial Wish You A Very Happy Holiday Season & Best Wishes For 2020

Thank you for your continued support and business throughout 2019. We enjoyed working with you!

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