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Pros of Walk Behind Floor Scrubber for Commercial Cleaning

Pros of Walk Behind Floor Scrubber for Commercial Cleaning

Whether your commercial place is open to the public or just to employees, a well-maintained floor is of utmost importance. High-quality floor cleaning equipment will make a huge impact on the quality of your cleaning and the time it takes. One of the most useful machines for cleaning hard floors is the floor scrubber.

Both ride-on and walk behind floor scrubber are designed to be operator friendly and training can be provided if required. Also, they are easy to maintain but ride-on machines need careful handling, especially if used where people are walking around. If the machine needs to be operated by several different people, walk behind can be a good choice.

Walk behind floor scrubbers are designed to improve productivity. The effective use of water and detergent combined with an easy to use design makes the walk behind floor scrubber the best choice.

Why should You Use Walk Behind Floor Scrubber and Ditch The Manual Cleaning?

The more advanced scrubbing machine offers a highly flexible approach to floor cleaning, where the operator has control over the amount of water and chemicals usage. There is no denying that some high traffic areas of a floor will need a lot more intensive cleaning in comparison to lightly soiled areas. Instead of applying a uniform solution, floor scrubber can clean the surface with a less concentrated solution and less water. Hence, the floor is cleaned with less water and this is kinder to the environment.

Effective Cleaning
There are numerous ways to clean hard floors in which one of them is using a pressure washer, but this will leave the floor wet than manual cleaning. This will create safety hazards and more downtime as that particular area cannot be used until it had dried out. In factories, where machinery and walls require pressure washing to keep them clean, a scrubber dryer can be effectively used to clean the excess water, keeping downtime to a minimum.

Quick Cleaning
Walk behind floor scrubber can offer the fastest way of scrubbing and cleaning the floors of both medium and large sized facility. Just one pass over the floor and it is perfectly clean and ready to be walked on.

Less Manpower Required
It is difficult for workers to clean large warehouses, halls, schools, and hotels to name a few, especially if there are time constraints. But when you go for walk-behind floor scrubber can do the job of a team of workers in less time and requires only a single person to operate the machine. So, this equipment minimize the need of manpower and will do a far better job of removing dirt and floor dust.

Buying walk-behind scrubber from Crescent Industrial means you will get exceptional cleaning performance and reliability. This cleaning equipment feature durable construction. It provides the right solution for your cleaning applications with versatility that is unbeatable in the industry.

Why Floor Cleaning Machines Are a Necessity in Many Businesses

Why Floor Cleaning Machines Are a Necessity in Many Businesses

Every business needs to provide a clean and safe environment for staff and visitors. A clean workplace not just prevents illness, but also boosts the morale and development of a business. Cleanliness and hygiene is a necessity instead of a luxury. Floors become very susceptible to dirt and stains and therefore, cleaning the floor is considered as one of the most regular cores in businesses. Fortunately, there are numerous cleaning machines to assist.

Floor sweepers are a valuable tool for collecting and removing dust and debris. It uses a system of rotating brushes which effectively sweep the dirt and debris from the floor and collected in a waste container for later disposal.

The range comprises from walk-behind sweepers for small areas to ride-on machines for larger surface areas for a variety of duties. There is a floor sweeper for every type of requirement in all industries.

Pros of Floor Sweeper

High standard of cleaning

The biggest perk of using a floor sweeper is their consistency in giving high standards of effective cleaning. Equipped with powerful motors, industrial floor sweepers can effectively clean floor surfaces in factories, roads, narrow walkways and warehouses. It can remove dirt, dust and debris.


Floor sweepers can withstand different cleaning conditions and situations, and is a much quicker method than using a person and a dust pan and broom. Even if they look costly, they are cost effective due to reliability, accuracy and durability. The Topfloor floor cleaning machines come with high specifications ratings, which creates very little/low on-going maintenance.

Safety Features

The topmost duty of businesses is to provide their staff with safe mechanical equipments. Apart from ensuring the quality of their job, machines with world-class safety features also minimise the risks of work-related injuries. Floor sweepers deliver a safe and precise operation with its specialized features. Due to its ergonomic design, users can work smoothly and comfortably all the time.

Supreme Productivity

Industrial floor cleaning machines include user-friendly control panels. This means commercial establishments don’t have to spend money and time to acquire personnel training. The machine’s easy-to-operate panels allow anyone to use the floor sweepers, while you to focus on productivity.

Choosing a floor cleaning machine is a wise decision as efficient floor cleaning is a vital part of any cleaning regime in industrial or commercial premises. You can seek advice from industry experts, like those at Crescent Industrial.

There is always the option to hire floor cleaning machine (floor sweeper) to see if it suits the requirements and we allow you to choose with competitive pricing and flexible hire periods. We offer:

Short Term Hire

Flexibility: from a minimum of 1 week to several months

Long Term Hire

Flexibility: from a minimum of 12 months to 12 years

It’s completely up to you to choose your hire period.

Contact the experts at Crescent for more details. 

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Essential Things You Should Know About Scrubber Dryers

Essential Things You Should Know About Scrubber Dryers

The cleanliness of your facility plays a vital role in improving the health and safety by reducing dust, chemical residues and bacteria from the surfaces we encounter every day. Clean buildings can also improve the productivity by minimising time lost due to sickness and injury and also by improving workforce morale.

Therefore, the need for specialist cleaning technology is growing. There are many cleaning equipments and a bad choice can lead to a machine that gives you headache with regular breakdowns. However, scrubber dryer is gaining huge momentum.

Industrial scrubber uses mechanically driven brush to clean the dirt with the help cleaning chemicals. The cleaning solution is dispensed from a tank. The residue is collected by a system of squeegees which is deposited into a collection tank for later disposal.

Are you thinking about using a scrubber dryer for cleaning the floor in your commercial property? Here are some things you should take into account beforehand.

Cylindrical or Disc

Cylindrical scrubber dryers are equipped with two rotating brushes that clean the floor. They are capable of cleaning on rougher surfaces and tackling soiling and entrenched dirt.

Disc scrubber dryers come under the category of versatile machines. It allows you to change the cleaning pad to suit different floor types. If there is a need to clean different floor types, this is your best option.

Walk or Ride-On

Earlier, there used to be a huge difference in price between walk-behind and ride-on scrubber dryers. But, with the new range of reasonable and smaller ride-on, the gap has significantly reduced.

Please note that ride-on machines are perfect for larger areas (3000m2) and for smaller areas (less than 3000m2), walk-behind would be suitable. An average run time is of 4 hours for both types of machine.

Proper maintenance

Lack of proper maintenance is the biggest of break down and problems. Hence, it is crucial to empty the dirty water and clean everything thoroughly. Keep the squeegee blades and hose clean. It is good to have the machine checked once a year by an experienced service engineer.

Extra Features

There is no denying that the more add-ons and accessories you have, the more it increases the cost. This means that you need to carefully notice whether or not you strongly want that extra traction, chemical dosing system or fancy nozzles.

Choosing a scrubber dryer is a big decision as efficient floor cleaning is an essential part of any cleaning regime in industrial and commercial premises. But you no longer need to worry, as the team of experts at Crescent Industrial, a UK nationwide provider of industrial floor cleaning machines, are always on-hand and more than ready to assist you, with all types of enquiries, whether its large or small, high or low, Crescent Industrial offer scrubber-dryer for all floor cleaning applications.

How to Choose a Floor Scrubber

How to Choose a Floor Scrubber

Keeping the workplace clean is important in the modern commercial environment, so. Whether it is carpet, wood or tile flooring, selecting the right floor scrubber for maintaining your floors in the workplace is of utmost importance. Constant foot traffic inevitably tracks in dust, dirt and other allergens that just disrupt the workflow and appeal.

There are Many Reasons to Keep the Floor Neat and Clean in Which Some of Them are as Follows:

  • To get rid of stains, dirt, litter and obstructions
  • To prevent injuries that can be caused due to slipping or tripping
  • To remove grit and sand which scratch and wear down the surface
  • To eliminate allergens
  • Create a nice working environment for all personnel

Apart from the above-mentioned points, in factories and commercial premises, there are health & safety and hygiene considerations. This means floors should be properly cleaned, with no residue. Hence, sweeping or using an outdated mop and bucket isn’t good enough and would take far too long to do.

The most useful machine for cleaning floors is the floor scrubber, which not only cleans the floor but dries it as well. Floor scrubbing machines use mechanically driven brushes or pads which rotate to agitate a detergent solution into the floor. The dirty residue is collected by a system of squeegees at the back of the machine and simply vacuumed up into a storage tank for later disposal.

How to Choose The Best Floor Scrubber?

Floor scrubbers are available in different sizes and specifications. Choosing the right scrubber for your needs require to consider many factors.


Most scrubber dryers are designed to be operator-friendly and easy to use and maintain. But the larger, ride on machines require careful handling. If your floor isn’t too large and scrubber dryer can be operated by several different people, you might be better with a walk-behind machine. This is because an inexperienced operator would find it easy to use.

Noise Pollution

Another consideration would be the noise it makes. Factories or any other noisy place probably don’t mind the noise a scrubber makes. However, places like healthcare facilities need a lot of silence; you need a machine which is quiet in use. This is why the range of scrubber dryers from crescent industrial are perfect for all working environments, including offices, conference centres, swimming pools and much more, as they have been designed to be quiet.

Area to be Cleaned

A big scrubber cleans large wide open floor areas with a lot of ease. And, a small scrubber’s maneuverability may be what you need in areas with lots of obstructions. Therefore, it is important to choose the right size scrubber that suits the type of floor you have and the amount of space you are cleaning.

Floor Type

Tiles: A scrubber that has fine bristles attached is perfect for tiles. It can clean the dirt and debris with ease and keep your tiles shiny and scratch-free.

Concrete: This can be seen in garages, warehouses and other industrial spaces with a lot of heavy lifting that need a solid floor that doesn’t get damaged easily. With the passage of time, concrete can become stained. The best type of scrubber is the one that has stiff brushes that will clean the tough grime.

Hardwood: A floor scrubber with a softer brush will promote a polished look while avoiding scratches.
Your floor is an important part of your environment that needs to be cleaned frequently. At Crescent Industrial, you can find a floor scrubber that can help you create a cleaner, safer and healthier environment.

Click here to view the range of Industrial Scrubber-Dryers, or contact us today to discuss your requirement.

Solution for Hazardous Dust: Industrial Vacuums

Solution for Hazardous Dust: Industrial Vacuums

Dust particles can become airborne at the time of several extraction and processing activities associated with producing and processing rock and mineral products. Some of these activities include:

  • Excavating
  • Drilling
  • Blasting
  • Loading and tipping
  • Crushing, conveying and screening
  • Sawing
  • Stockpiling

Workers can be exposed to dust particles such as:

  • Coal and cement dust
  • Dust containing crystalline silica
  • Asbestos
  • Dust containing metals like lead, nickel, arsenic and cadmium
  • Chemical dusts such as bulk chemicals and pesticides
  • Organic and vegetable dusts including spores, moulds and viable products

Breathing in dust can pave the way for diseases, respiratory illness, and even cancer. This generally depends on size of dust particles, composition of the dust particle and its effect on the body, how often and how long an individual breathes in the dust. Most dust clouds contain particles of different sizes and hazardous dust is not always visible.

The potential health effects of some common dusts are summarized below:

  • Silica dust on construction sites, from drilling, sanding, grinding & cutting bricks and concrete.
  • Lead, manganese, zinc and calcium: Systemic toxic effects that are caused by absorption into the blood.
  • Certain woods, organic and inorganic chemicals: Allergic and hypersensitivity reactions.
  • Chromates, asbestos, quartz: Cancer
  • Coal dust: Pulmonary disease and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease such as bronchitis and emphysema.
    Other critical impacts

High level of dust is a risk when inhaled, and all levels of these types of dust listed are a safety hazard. It’s no exaggeration to say that coal dust is an important cause of underground explosions. Preventing underground explosions and their catastrophic consequences must always be the topmost priority in mining operations. In addition, industries dealing with metallic dusts are susceptible to explosions.

Opt for Industrial Vacuum Cleaners as a Great Solution for Hazardous Dust

Protecting workers from health and safety hazards is of utmost importance. In this regard, the first way to guarantee safety of workers is to give suitable work attire. The second and most important solution is implementing a proactive approach that utilizes vacuum cleaners in an environment where dust is created. Industrial Huuvan vacuums are helpful for cleaning in confined areas and for the removal of hazardous dust and fumes.

They are irreplaceable tools in heavy industry to collect great quantities of dust or granular materials that escape during the working process. Based on levels of hazardous dust, the vacuum cleaners are classified into three categories of use, specified as class L, class M, and class H. Industrial spaces come in the category of class H (High Hazardous Dust). To maintain the safety measures of the risky work environment, the importance of a reliable vacuum cleaner slope up while cleaning hazardous dust.

Safety measures for an Industrial Space:

  • The industrial vacuums are engineered to provide support for easy accretion and disposing of hazardous dust from industrial space.
  • Machines are equipped with special features that assist cleaning terms to be quick and efficient without any risk.
  • Sweeping debris by compact air method blowouts dirt and pathogens into the air and that’s very risky.
  • Industrial vacuum cleaners remove debris efficiently from locations where manual cleaning is not that effective.

The wide range of Huuvan vacuum cleaners have been purposely designed and built to meet the needs of users to effectively pick up hazardous dusts and debris.

Industrial Vacuum for Fine and Toxic Dust

Fine and toxic dusts pose a huge threat to human health. It is important to prevent these dusts in order to avoid any direct contact. Industrial Huuvan vacuum cleaners are equipped with proper high efficiency filters and proper collection systems to prevent harm from these types of dust.

Crescent Industrial provides effective cleaning solutions for all viable industrial needs through a collective range of industrial vacuums available in different sizes and abilities. Click here to view the range of Industrial Huuvan Vacuum Cleaners, or contact us today to discuss your requirement.