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Heavy Duty Industrial Sweeper for Car Parks

Heavy Duty Industrial Sweeper for Car Parks

The most efficient method of quickly cleaning a car park is to use an industrial floor sweeper. Depending on the size of the car park depends on whether it is best to use a walk-behind or sit-on battery-powered sweeper, to assist the cleaner in working efficiently and effectively. Maintaining a clean floor prevents falls and trip hazards to the people walking from and to their car in a public car park, so keeping the car park floor surface clean and free from dirt and debris at all times is very important, for the safety of all personnel.

Public car parks are often massive, and usually busy facilities. As a result, cleaning the car park can be hard, when trying to get rid of excessive dirt & debris collecting at the edgy corners and on the inclines. Thus, to tackle such routine hassles, you need to have rudimentary support of the vital, workable industrial floor cleaning machines that can stand against regular sweeping problems at car parks.

Floor Sweeper for Car Parks

Industrial floor sweepers are the best choice of many for cleaning large floor spaces. When you look into actualities, you’ll get to know that the car park’s huge facilities are not the only reason for world-wide acceptance of advanced cleaning methods. There are a lot many features that these floor sweepers eligibly sustain.

A robust industrial floor sweeper would help the operator to seize the complete possible range of dust particles from gravel-sized to the finest of particles through straightforward operation and precision engineering. 

Where to hire an industrial floor sweeper from?

At Crescent Industrial, you can find top-quality, compact floor cleaning machines eligible for tackling intense sweeping works. These tools are proficient of catching debris in all shapes and sizes from drink bottles and food wrappers to the finest dust particles, even from extremely narrow spaces.

Through our dedicated sweeping equipment services providing convenience to our customers, we offer both purchase and hire industrial floor sweeper facilities, so that you can choose as per your needs. If you don’t want to block an expensive amount in purchase, you can also opt to hire an industrial floor sweeper for thorough cleaning of your car parks. You’ll get relentlessly capable tools equipped with all supreme features, such as large waste container, high power battery powered motors, outstanding sweeping, and great performance required for intense cleaning, delivering great results.

The best quality industrial floor sweepers will help in improving the performance of your workforce. Must use these tools for fast, easy no-tools access to main brooms, side brushes, filters and main components for reduced servicing downtime.

Consult us now if you’re unable to choose among available variants of industrial floor sweepers for heavy-duty cleaning needs at car parks. Whether it be a sit-on or walk-behind floor sweeper, we have a team of experts to help you with all your doubts and assist you in finding the optimum solution for your requirements.

Hire Floor Sweeper with Additional Working Tools

Hire Floor Sweeper with Additional Working Tools

Heavy dust & debris affairs at large facilities have no permanent solutions, though you can find best, convenient, & reliable ways to deal with them. There are top-quality, highly engineered cleaning equipments provided by Crescent Industrials for thorough collections of instance and highly minute dirt particles.

With years of experience in building up innovative cleaning solutions for various industries, Topfloor equipment develops a flawless tool with perfectly balanced features. The range of potential ride-on sweepers available in the market is highly exclusive for the customers to purchase or hire the one that exactly meets your requirements. These floor sweepers are most preferred due to their modern technology features & solid build up design together compensate for high-end performance.

Ride-on Floor Sweepers
The foremost reasons behind the rapid progression in the popularity of ride-on sweepers are simple, user-friendly controls, robust designs and powerful usability with minimized environmental impact. And the benefits lists keep on extending consequently, as there is so much an operator can do with this potent advanced tool equipped with several working tool functions.

Hardly some training is required to understand how the machine operates. Even an operator doesn’t need any to tool to switch among most of its features main brooms, side brushes, filters and other main components. Hence, the cleaning service’s downtime gets reduced. The top performing cleaning machine’s straight forward operation & precise engineering make it well rooted for several severe floor cleaning applications.

Crescent Industrial brings the best collections of these demanding floor cleaning machines for their customers to purchase or hire floor sweeper to remove dust from their respective facilities. Contact us now our experts are always there to help you find the possible solution for your cleaning hassle needs.

Vacuum Cleaner with Longopac: Self-Seal Bag to Save You from Hazardous Dust

Vacuum Cleaner with Longopac: Self-Seal Bag to Save You from Hazardous Dust

Hazardous dust acquaintance disturbs the performance, productivity, workability, and most importantly, the health of workers. These very fine silica dust particles are so small that they are almost invisible to the naked eyes. On construction sites, this should be viewed as severe as the workers stay continually exposed to hazardous substances through the environment. It is crucial to find an intact solution that can stand strong against disastrous situations dust might bring up.

The advanced technique based vacuum cleaners are suitable to deliver quick & efficient cleaning results in large spaces with optional cleaning power. The choice you make for portentous cleaning equipment should indeed consider the approach that it doesn’t harm the operator while performing cleaning, getting rid of the collected dust.

There are two systems commonly used in the efficient handling of collecting waste in vacuum cleaners, by: Longopac & Standard bin collection. Both are convenient, depending on the requirement you’re expecting it to fulfil, though the most preferred, reliable & smarter waste management system for accumulating highly hazardous dirt & debris is Longopac bags as all dusts are kept sealed, at all times, meaning no surrounding person is in any danger of inhaling of the hazardous dusts.

Using the Longopac bag system on Huuvan vacuum cleaners makes workforce safer when the minute dust is vacuumed operators never come in contact with it again. The bags can be sealed and replaced from outside without touching the waste. Quick bag replacement method saves plenty of time, improves productivity & sustain hygiene.

Longopac self-seal bags system prevents exposure to dust sensitive environments. Construction Dust Vacuum Cleaner with Longopac suitably the most exquisite way out of possible dust destructions as the operator would never come in contact with dust once a vacuumed. Addition to their features list the HEPA H-class filter, used in Crescent Industrial’s expert vacuuming tools, gather up to 99.99% of the dust.

At Crescent Industrial, we provide the full range of suitable, top-quality Huuvan vacuum cleaners well fit for fulfilling several distinct requirements. You can get in contact with our experts to improve the technique when cleaning up hazardous dusts. We are here to help you.

Floor Scrubber Dryer for Effective Cleaning On Highly Active Floors

Floor Scrubber Dryer for Effective Cleaning On Highly Active Floors

If you’re dealing with large scale floor cleaning tasks regularly, the wet floor might have been a matter of great concern. You’re not alone, many others like you have also faced such problems. Most of them upgraded their floor cleaning equipment with a wet floor cleaner by implementing an advanced technology-based solution. Since a highly active floor demands cleaning that last longer but takes minimum execution time and so do the conservative floor scrubbers deliver.

A quality floor scrubber efficiently supports keeping the floor clean and dry all the time. Without it, attaining & sustaining floor hygiene at an industrial space is almost close to impossible.

Such problems mostly occur in places where a large number of people visit regularly. That includes several industries, such as Food & Beverage Production Facilities, Manufacturing, Retail & Schools, Institutions and other industrial areas. There it becomes a challenging task to keep the whole floor dry through traditional cleaning methods. However, if you hire a wet floor cleaner things to develop a simpler workflow, so the performance & productivity get upgraded.

You would be looking for a reliable cleaning equipment provider who has sufficient experience in the industry to suggest you the best floor scrubber according to your needs.

At Crescent Industrial, we provide these floor scrubber dryers in wide variety equipped with all basic and some added special features depending upon the model. Their features make them an obvious choice for ultra-light routine cleaning to heavy-focused scrubbing. Their smart flow solution system reduces the consumption of water and chemical to 50% by automatically regulating the flow rate proportional to the drive speed.

Hiring wet floor cleaner provides the user with ultimate flexibility through the powerful cleaning machine. A machine that delivers a whole new level of cleaning has user-friendly access control to all machine parameters.

Floor scrubber are fundamentally categorised in two major features:

  • Ride-on Floor Scrubber (also known as sit on floor scrubber dryer)
  • Walk-behind Floor Scrubber (also known as pedestrian floor scrubber dryer)

Considering the size of the space for which you want to hire a wet floor cleaner, you can pick a specific floor care equipment for you. Though, taking an experts recommendation would help you save a lot on the hiring cost of the cleaning equipment. So, contact the experienced experts at Crescent Industrial, as they have provided floor cleaning equipment for years, and are sure to help you make the right decision for cleaning your industrial floor space effectively.

Hire Industrial Hoover for Hazardous Dust

Hire Industrial Hoover for Hazardous Dust

Too much dust at the workplace can be highly dangerous. Due to the damage, it can do in some trade spaces, makes the industry count in explosive industry zones.

Most of the companies around the globe have adopted modern technology cleaning methods to deal with hazardous dust, avoid possible catastrophes, and keep the workers and the working environment safe and healthy since health illness is the most prevailing problem associated with dust at the industrial spaces. Working & respiring in an environment that contains airborne dust makes worker’s lungs prone to damage and even more possible medical causalities.

It might require time-absorbing research to choose an industrial hoover to hire if you don’t have a team of experts to help you understand your requirements and suggest you on taking the call accordingly. We assist you in finding what’s best available to deal with your cleaning obstacles.

At Crescent Industrial, we support all our clients to ensure health hazards are omitted by using the correct cleaning equipment for every particular task. For that, we have customized our product range with advanced cleaning solutions which are highly suitable for being used against hazardous dust in Atex categorized zone 22.

Often the industrial dusts are very fine particles, possible aren’t visible through naked eyes. Only an industrial hoover with at least 99.995% efficiencies can collect that submicron dust, as our HEPA H-class filtration technology does. Since, our highly effective industrial hoover for hazardous dust is Atex approved, it can be used as your trusted cleaning equipment in an explosive atmosphere.

Features of Crescent Industrial’s Industrial Hoovers

Keeping the working environment clean, healthy, and safe also compensates in enhancing productivity. On using our industrial hoovers, you get added benefits due to the below-mentioned features of the equipment.

  • Cyclone Protection
  • Quick Release & Change among Accessories
  • ACS Filter Cleaning
  • Longopac
  • Atex Certified
  • HEPA filter
  • Vacuum Turbine
  • Interceptor

It’s still not too late to get an industrial hoover hired for simplifying the way you deal with harmful hazardous dust. If you have any query regarding our services or products, we have a team of experts to resolve all your concerns. Contact us now.