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A high dust environment is the most unsafe for people and the hardest to clean. The workers’ health becomes a risk whenever they inhale airborne dust at work. It also impacts the productivity of the industrial space since the dust continually keeps on disturbing the workers, and interrupting their tasks.

Crescent Industrial provides you with a wide range of Huuvan vacuums taking the guarantee of the high-quality dust-free cleaning. The mechanism of these explosion-proof industrial Atex vacuum cleaners designed to automate the filtration process. Thus, ACS self-cleans the filters simultaneously while they are in use.

The intention of using the Atex approved cleaning machines, at the workstation falling under zone 2 or zone 22, is to adapt protection methods for the workforce. These zones can show the intensity of the explosive atmosphere. An automated filter cleaning system comes as standard from Huuvan with an Atex dust rated industrial Hoover. It keeps a steady airflow suction of the vacuum motors, extending the life of the motor and decreasing its maintenance cost.

How Automated Cleaning System Works?

Vacuum cleaners that have the ACS is a preferred choice of many to ensure the user can continue using the vacuum cleaner without having to switch it off, and prevent manually cleaning the filters, as the ACS is designed for the filters to clean themselves 1 by 1 continuously, and so this also helps to control the precarious fine dust particles harming the workers. It begins with cyclone technology getting in business to pick and drop the heavier dust directly into the bin. The metal sheaths defend multi-layered H-Class filters from jamming due to high masses of fine dust. These filters are able enough to collect sub-micron dust with 99.995% efficiency.

At Crescent Industrial, we recommend the best cleaning equipment to best suit your cleaning requirements. Huuvan Vacuum Cleaners are intended to achieve and maintain optimum cleaning solutions for the extraction of dust in industrial spaces. Explosion-proof industrial Atex vacuum cleaners are a potent member of our cleaning equipment product list. We are have already helped, and are continuing to help many like you to get rid of dust and keep workplaces safe for workers.