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Our range of industrial vacuums include HEPA vacuums for collection of hazardous dusts and Atex vacuums for operation in potentially explosive atmospheres. Other applications include removing swarf, spoil or liquids in machine shops, construction site cleaning, factories and many other places. Industrial and HEPA hoovers help clients reduce maintenance, clean their products and create safer workplaces.

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HEPA filter industrial vacuum with automatic self cleaning filter and longopac self seal bag system for collecting hazardous dusts.


Industrial vacuum with HEPA filters to vacuum hazardous dusts in bakeries, food production and manufacturing workplaces

HV200-ACS / HV260-ACS

Atex industrial vacuum powered by side channel blowers for minimum maintenance and 24/7 performance in bakeries etc

HV550-ACS / HV1100-ACS

3 phase industrial vacuum with HEPA filter available in atex certified models for operating safely in zoned areas.

HV240-VCS (C40/WD)

Industrial vacuum with HEPA filters to vacuum hazardous dusts in bakeries, food production and manufacturing workplaces


Power Source: 240v
Rated Power: 2.4w
Container Capacity: 100litres

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What makes a great industrial vacuum?

There are lots of different things that make a really great industrial vacuum, but some of the most important aspects to consider are the type of motor and the filtration system.


The quality of the components used in the motors and the expected carbon brush life will directly affect the long term performance of an industrial vacuum. Motors with replaceable carbon brushes or a longer brush life can have a significant impact on the cost of running your machine.


The effectiveness of the filter system on an industrial vacuum is pivotal in protecting the motors and collecting fine dust effectively. Firstly it's crucial that the correct filter system of either L, M or H in line with the HSE directive is specified for the dusts being collected. Secondly, the life of the filter will vary depending on the product being collected and the material used as the filter. Typically star shaped polyester filters give the best performance over a long period and can normally be washed out for an extended life.

There are many other aspects to the great industrial vacuum, contact us to discuss them further and find the right machine for you.