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The Twotech range of machines includes 2nd life, refurbished and ex-hire fleet machines. These machines are ideal and cost effective solutions for companies that have a requirement for industrial floor cleaning machines but who have budget constraints restricting new machine options.

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Battery or LPG floor sweeping machine with TRS *Double Sweep Power* and hydraulic high dump hopper.


Walk behind battery floor sweeper with TRS *Double Sweep Power* and dust filter


The best and toughest walk behind industrial floor sweeper with TRS *Double Sweep Power* for demanding environments.


Battery powered ride on industrial floor sweeper with TRS *Double Sweep Power* for indoor and outdoor sweeping.


Battery or LPG floor sweeping machine with TRS *Double Sweep Power* for outstanding sweeping results every time...


Power Source: Battery/Diesel/LPG/Petrol
Sweeping Width: 1400mm
Hopper Capacity: 150litres


Power: Battery/Diesel/LPG
Sweeping Width: 1600mm
Container Capacity: 315litres


Power Source: Diesel
Sweeping Width: 1380mm
Hopper Capacity: 376litres

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What makes a great vacuum sweeper?

There are lots of different things that make a really great industrial sweeper, but some key points to consider include the sweeping principle and the filtration system.

Sweeping Principle

There are two recognised sweeping principles for industrial sweepers: forward throw and overthrow. Choosing the right technique depends on the type of debris you are trying to collect and the operating environment

For the collection of large volumes of fine dust and heavy debris, forward throw sweep systems where the collection hopper is in front of the main broom has always been considered the better technique. This is because compared to the overthrow sweep system, the dust has less distance to travel to the hopper and the rotational speed of the brush is lower, thereby reducing the 'whirling up' effect on the dust. However, only 35% or so of the total hopper capacity can be used depending on what type of debris is being collected.

The overthrow sweeping system throws debris up and over the broom into a hopper behind it. This technique makes much more efficient use of the hopper, using around 75% of the total capacity depending on the type of debris being collected and means more bulky debris can be swept up because unlike the forward throw, there is no hopper in front to prevent bigger debris reaching the brush. For ride-on sweepers, overthrow sweeping systems also means the operator is sat at the front of the machine giving greater visibility and safer operation in busy environments.

Filtration System

The effectiveness of the dust collection capacity on a sweeper is dependent on a few factors within the filtration system, which comprises of: suction fan, filter and filter cleaning system. Firstly, the higher the airflow volume through the filter the greater the air intake and therefore the better the dust control. Similarly, a bigger filter area will give a higher performance over a longer period because more dust can be collected before it needs shaking or emptying. Perhaps the single most important factor is the effectiveness of the filter shaker at clearing dust from the filter, because ultimately even the biggest filter with the highest airflow volume will get filled. The best filter cleaning systems normally move each pleat to loosen dust allowing it to fall away from the filter opening the pores back up.

There are many other aspects to the great industrial sweeper, contact us to discuss them further and find the right machine for you.