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Protex focuses on bringing you scrubber-dryers and industrial vacuums for use in flameproof and cleanroom areas. Our premise is to provide the flexibility, rapid response and ongoing support that leading companies require, helping protect your investment, minimise slip hazards and create a cleaner operating environment.

The protex solution includes ongoing preventative maintenance work and annual calibration of the protection systems provided by trained and qualified engineers helping maximise life use of your investment. Finance options include long term contract hire and outright purchase options to fit around your preferred funding model.

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70Bex53 Atex

Flameproof Scrubber Dryer for Atex Zones 1 & 2
Power Source: Battery
Scrub Width: 530mm
Tank Capacity: 70litres

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What makes a great scrubber-dryer?

There are lots of different things that make a really great industrial scrubber-dryer, but some key points to consider include the scrubbing technique, suction system and chemical dosing options.

Scrubbing Technique

There are two recognised scrubbing principles for industrial scrubber dryers: disc brushes and cylindrical brushes). Disc brushes have much greater floor surface contact, higher down pressure and more economical water use, resulting in a more aggressive cleaning action compared to cylindrical brush systems. On the other hand, cylindrical brush systems can simultaneously scrub and sweep, collecting some loose debris in a hopper before the water is removed to do two jobs in one. However, this increased productivity needs to be weighed against the comparatively higher rotational speed of the brushes which wears the bristles down quicker.

Suction System

Any water left on the floor after cleaning is a considerable slip risk and will contain dirt; therefore for the best cleaning results a great scrubber-dryer should leave the floor bone dry virtually immediately. Curved squeegee bars rather than straight versions tend to wipe the surface cleaner and direct solution towards the centre of the squeegee more effectively, placing it where the suction is highest.

There are many other aspects to the great scrubber-dryer, contact us to discuss them further and find the right machine for you.