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2016/17 Holiday Opening Times

22nd December 2016 03:32pm

Thank You for helping make 2016 another year of double digit growth at Crescent Industrial! Enjoy the holiday season and we look forward to speaking to you in 2017.

Friday 23rd December - OPEN to 12.00pm

Monday 26th December - CLOSED
Tuesday 27th December - CLOSED
Wednesday 28th December - CLOSED
Thursday 29th December - CLOSED
Friday 30th December - CLOSED

Monday 2nd January - CLOSED
Tuesday 3rd January - OPEN

SC6000: More Clean, More Control, Lower TCO

28th October 2016 10:46am

The new SC6000 Ride-On Scrubber-Dryer delivers a new level of clean and the lowest TCO by using the most advanced technology combined with rich user friendly features.

4 way impact detection system and Track Clean fleet management gives supervisors ultimate visability of usage patterns and drives operator accountability.

Smartflow solution system cuts water and chemical use by 50% compared to other machines by automatically adjusting the flow rate proportional to the drive speed.

Ecoflex gives users total cleaning flexibility to choose between water only cleaning, ultra low detergent consumption, intermittent bursts of power (for spot cleaning) and full strength detergent.

Smartkey access hands supervisors control for machine access and the choice to pre-configure cleaning modes e.g. brush pressure, water flow rates, chemical mix rates etc.

And much more!

Schedule your free demonstration today: call 0845 33 77 695 or email info@c-ind.co.uk.

Announcing The Huuvan Catalogue Launch!

23rd June 2016 07:03am

Were excited to announce the launch of the Huuvan Industrial Vacuum catalogue for users in Manufacturing, Construction and Bakery & Food Processing. Download your copy today: http://www.server123.co.uk/crescentind/pdfs/HuuvanBrochure-8-1.pdf

Selecting the correct vacuum is becoming increasingly important to protect users from occupational health risks. The Huuvan vacuums feature unique filtration technology and an innovative collection system to create clean and protect health.

Wanting a demonstration, or needing a quote? Contact us directly: 0845 33 77 695 or info@c-ind.co.uk for a rapid response to your cleaning requirements.

Tile Manufacturer Bins Brush from Factory Floor

08th February 2016 01:21pm

A leading UK based roof tile manufacturer has chosen the Huuvan HV360-ACS HEPA vacuum to help replace manual sweeping in its factory. With industry becoming increasingly concerned about the impact of silica dust exposure to employees health, the HV360-ACS vacuums are proving a popular choice for manufacturers handling clay and other silica based products. Featuring continuous self-clean HEPA filter technology and a longopac self-seal bag system, the Huuvan HV360-ACS offers users complete protection from dust exposure once the industrial vacuum has removed the debris. To identify cleaning equipment to help you protect workers in your workplace, simply contact our sales team directly: 0845 33 77 695 or info@c-ind.co.uk to schedule a free, on-site assessment.

2015/16 Holiday Opening Times

18th December 2015 10:44am

2015 has been a year of double digit sales growth at Crescent Industrial - thank you for your support! Enjoy the holiday season and we look forward to speaking to you in 2016.

Monday 21st December - OPEN
Tuesday 22nd December - OPEN
Wednesday 23rd December - OPEN
Thursday 24th December - CLOSED
Friday 25th December - CLOSED

Monday 28th December - CLOSED
Tuesday 29th December - CLOSED
Wednesday 30th December - CLOSED
Thursday 31st December - CLOSED
Friday 1st January - CLOSED

Breathe Easy with HV360-ACS HEPA Vacs

01st September 2015 05:31pm

With Occupational Health topping the agenda at many Construction sites, the HV360-ACS is becoming the popular choice for projects looking to Ban the Broom. With HEPA filtration, continuous filter cleaning and a cartridge back collection system the HV360-ACS protects workers health, increases productivity sets new standards for cleaning excellence. View the specification online or contact us direct for a free site trial: 0845 33 77 695.

Imop: The 21st Century Mop!

06th August 2015 07:15am

Welcome 21st century cleaning with the new Imop scrubber-dryer to clean all those floors you traditionally mopped. The Imops unique design means you can clean right up to edges, under tables and many other areas previously inaccessible to scrubber-dryers.
Plus the new lithium battery pack means cable free cleaning with 1 hour recharge time. The Imop is available immediately for hire or purchase. Get your free trial today by contacting 0845 33 77 695 or emailing info@c-ind.co.uk.

Access Even More Machines for Short Term Hire

08th April 2015 10:01am

Another 15 machines are being added to our rental fleet to give you even more choice of scrubber-dryers, floor sweepers and industrial vacuums! Additional equipment includes 3 combination sweeper / scrubber-dryers, 9 HEPA vacuums, ride-on warehouse sweepers and more.
Whether youre looking to rent a floor cleaner to prepare for an audit, for a once off deep clean or to improve general housekeeping, simply contact us direct on 0845 33 77 695 for expert advice.

Thankyou, Thankyou, Thankyou!

17th February 2015 09:10am

To all customers who completed our shortest ever questionnaire. An amazing 93.75% of respondents would highly recommend doing business with us. Heres just some of the reasons why in their words:

"Good service and quality equipment. Honest relationship."

"Quick to respond to requirements and very professional service. Excellent product range."

"Crescent are reliable, responsive and dependable."

"Always helpful, always deliver as promised."

If youre currently reviewing your floor sweeper or warehouse scrubber dryer requirements, wed love to hear from you! Contact us on 0845 33 77 695.

Opening Times for 2014 Year End

24th December 2014 10:45am

Opening times at Crescent Industrial during the 2014 Year End will be:

Weds 24th Dec - Open: 7.30am-12.00pm
Thurs 25th Dec - Closed
Fri 26th Dec - Closed

Mon 29th Dec - Office Open: 7.30am-5.00pm
Tues 30th Dec - Office Open: 7.30am-5.00pm
Weds 31st Dec - Office Open: 7.30am-5.00pm
Thurs 1st Jan - Closed
Fri 2nd Jan - Open: 7.30am-5.00pm

Wed like to Thank You for your continued business through 2014 and look forward to working with you in 2015!

Safe Cleaning Guide

06th October 2014 05:10pm

Cleaning up on construction sites is essential in creating a safer working environment. But are you actually increasing occupational health hazards in the process of cleaning by creating airborne construction dusts?

View this pdf here

Goodbye Broom, Hello Topfloor!

06th August 2014 04:39pm

Leading construction sites looking to take occupational health to a new level are choosing Topfloor sweepers to clean floors rather than employing men armed with brooms.

Topfloor's unique TRS cleaning system eliminates virtually all the airborne dust traditionally thrown up when cleaning with brooms or other powered sweepers. And productivity is increased as much as 10 times that of manual cleaning!

Many projects are finding that the machine benefits coupled with the flexibility to hire machines from just 1 week provide a winning combination. To talk about applications for your site, contact us on 0845 33 77 695.

Vegetable Processor chooses Topfloor Cleaning

08th April 2014 12:16pm

A process factory has chosen Topfloor sweepers and scrubber-dryers to deliver the results for their cleaning programme. With vegetables arriving straight from the field complete with soil and debris, the factory faced major cleaning challanges. With the new pedestrian sweepers and floor scrubbers, theyre already making a significant impact on hygiene standards.

To find solutions to your floor cleaning challenges, contact us, T: 0845 33 77 695 E: info:c-ind.co.uk

Do you need to rent cleaning equipment for your Ye

20th December 2013 12:00pm

Place your order by 12.00pm on Monday 23rd for delivery to you on Christmas Eve. (Subject to availability)

For full details of our Holiday opening times including service support.

Monday 23rd December - OPEN
Tuesday 24th December - OPEN
Wednesday 25th December - CLOSED
Thursday 26th December - CLOSED
Friday 27th December - CLOSED*
Monday 30th December - CLOSED*
Tuesday 31st December - CLOSED*
Wednesday 1st January - CLOSED
Thursday 2nd January - OPEN
Friday 3rd January - OPEN

*apart from skeleton office cover

Thank You
Your ongoing custom has helped to make 2013 a year of continued growth and development at Crescent Industrial.

The last 12 months has seen many progressions including new product launches, a relocation to bigger better equipped premises and additions to our team of service engineers.

Wishing you all the best for the New Year.

Set Standards for Cost Savings and Cleaning Power

05th November 2013 01:39pm

The BR850S floor scrubber is now on special offer, meaning you can set record cleaning performance and make record savings! View the machine in action online, or contact us on 0845 33 77 695 / info@c-ind.co.uk to schedule a demonstration at your workplace.

On The Move to Bigger and Better!

13th September 2013 03:31pm

Between Monday 23rd and Friday 25th September 2013 Crescent Industrial will be relocating to new premises in Leamington Spa. This strategic expansion provides our customers with:

 larger workshop space for servicing cleaning equipment.
 bigger warehouse for faster despatch of machines, parts and chemical orders.
 more storage area for our spot hire fleet of scrubber-dryers, sweepers and industrial vacuums.
 dedicated refurbishment area for 2nd life machines.
 new training and conference facilities.

Watch your inbox for our new contact details! We look forward to serving you from our new, improved facilities.

12Ms Servicing Worth 600+ With Your TF110R-TRS

28th June 2013 08:25am

The TF110R-TRS floor sweeper collects dust and debris that other sweepers dont, thanks to the unique sweeping technology. To celebrate its continued success, we are offering 12 months free servicing with all new TF110R-TRS machines ordered in 2013.

Book your free trial today to see the TRS system in action at your workplace: call 0845 33 77 695 or email info@c-ind.co.uk.

New Year, New Floor Cleaners

04th January 2013 02:52pm

January 2013 marks the launch of two new walk-behind scrubber-dryers; the SC400 and SC450. Both machines boast new and innovative features including improved cleaning performance, reduced cost of ownership and much more.

Visit http://crescentindustrial.co.uk/products?range=Clean Line&type=Scrubber-Dryer to learn more about these machines or to request a free demonstration.

The T40: MORE Flexibility and Reliability for LESS

20th August 2012 09:12am

For manufacturers tasked with sustaining 5S principles in their factory and speeding up waste collection from production equipment, the NEW T40 Industrial Vacuum offers more for 10% less! The T40 offers MORE:

FLEXIBILITY - choose between a machine to collect solids or liquids, container capacities of 50litres and100 litres, tailored accessory kits and much more.
RELIABILITY - the T40 can run for many hours without requiring maintenance thanks to a very silent and reliable double stage side channel blower.
POWER- rated power of 4.3kw and airflow of 315m3/hr makes the T40 an ideal tool for the collection of heavy debris.

And LESS cost with a special 10% discount offer on orders placed before 30th September 2012!

For more information, contact us today: call 0845 33 77 695 or email info@c-ind.co.uk.

Topfloor: Sweepers with the new TRS System

09th July 2012 05:00pm

Topfloor industrial sweepers have now arrived! Incorporating completely different sweep technology, Topfloor machines collect more dust, grab bigger, bulkier debris and sweep faster.

These sweepers have been subjected to extensive market tests in warehouse and distribution hubs, construction sites, manufacturers and other demanding environments. The results? Conclusive evidence that Topfloor sweepers with TRS outperform other traditional sweepers.

Call 0845 33 77 695 today to get your catalogue.

Trade In Your Old Machine for Cashback!

01st May 2012 08:58am

For a limited time only, you can trade in your old scrubber-dryer, sweeper or combination sweeper/scrubber-dryer, have it removed from site with no environmental charge and get a cashback credit against a brand new machine! To find out if your machine qualifies, call our office on 0845 33 77 695 or email us direct: info@c-ind.co.uk. Terms and conditions apply.

Our new websites here...!

10th April 2012 12:10pm

Following our promise at the end of 2011, we just couldn't wait to tell you that our new website is now live!

Our site now features a full range overview, technical specifications for all our floor cleaning equipment, advice to help you find the right machine for your needs and much more, helping you create a safer, cleaner work place environment.

If you've got comments or suggestions on how we can make this an even better site for you, we'd love to hear; simply email them direct to us: info@c-ind.co.uk.

P.S. Watch out for the launch of Topfloor industrial sweepers which feature brand new sweeping technology for superior performance all day, every day! Signup to our e-news online to have it sent direct to your inbox and you'll be one of the first to know.